Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Manfrotto 504HD for DSLR users

Manfrotto has a new tripod head, the 504HD, designed for “cross over” (i.e. DSLR) users. This head looks interesting as it's easily balanced (and adjusted) for cameras that are mounted on other rigs and therefore might be forward heavy or otherwise oddly-balanced. It will be available end of June, and with a good set of sticks - and a bag - it will cost about $750.

The following comes from their web site:
The bridge design improves the head's rigidity and its PAN friction control is fast, simple to fine-tune and protected from knocks. The PAN axis rotation unit uses ball bearings for smooth, vibration-free movement that can be adjusted using the head's FDS variable friction system.

The 504HD has a load capacity of up to 7.5kg (16.5lb.) The CBS counterbalance system has 4 presets for a full range of camera weights (0, 2.5kg-5.5lb, 5kg-11lb and 7.5kg-16.5lb). Two 3/8” threads on the top plate allow accessories (such as monitors and arms) to be directly attached to the head.

The 504HD is suitable for Manfrotto PRO series video tripods with mid-level or ground spreaders and for carbon fiber single-leg MPRO tripods.
DSLR News Shooter has a video with Wayne Shulman of Manfrotto at NAB demoing the 504HD

DSLR News Shooter: Manfrotto launches tripod aimed at video DSLR at NAB 2010
Manfrotto: 504HD PRO VIDEO HEAD 75

[UPDATE 11:10PM] The 504 HD head, as well as combinations with different legs, are already listed on Amazon's site:

I see that B & H has it listed as well, (and with different tripods) and they say delivery in 7 - 14 days, but that doesn't match the quoted June date:
B & H: Manfrotto 504HD PRO VIDEO FLUID HEAD $400


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