Monday, April 12, 2010

Redrock Micro wireless follow-focus

Some information - and videos - of Redrock Micro's new microRemote looks really cool. The microRemote is shown in two videos at photocinenews: Part 1 and Part 2. Over at Cameratown they have a more formal release: Redrock Micro Introduces the New microRemote Remote Follow Focus.

There three separate parts (products?):
  • microTape
    Sonar based rangefinder
  • base station
    Includes a built-in radio and can operate up to three torque motors to control different functions (i.e. zoom, focus and iris.) They have a wired control that can be used with the base station to control the camera from a distance of a few feet (i.e. from a tripod handle.) They say they will be offering their own torque motors later, and it works with torque motors made by others.
  • microRemote
    Communicates with the base station and can start/stop the camera and the focus handle has hard stops. You can also insert your iPhone/iPod Touch to get extra interface controls/options; it will display the depth of field, focus and subject distance, it also gives you auto-focus using the sonar sensor!
microRemote (without the iPhone/iPod installed)

This looks really cool, though no word on price and availability.

[UPDATED 3:31PM]: part 3 has information on pricing and availability. It's supposed to be available in the summer. They are currently taking non-binding, no-deposit reservations. Send an email to It sounds like there are five different options available (motors, base station and remote.) Target price is about $1,000 for the base system (which is up $500 from the original target!)

[UPDATED 7:06PM]: Cinema 5D has a longer video of the system which provides a little more information; the wireless unit can be tethered if you can't use the wireless radio at a location, the iPhone/iPod unit will become a platform "for a lot of things." He said they didn't hit the $500 price because they realized the trade-offs they'd have to make in terms of the motor were too great.
He mentions "other things" but I haven't yet found any information about them...

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