Thursday, October 27, 2011

SuerMeet part II

Jem ends with "on November 3rd the story changes.."
Dan gets up and says we are going to see some amazing things from Canon then.

Marc-Andre Ferguson talking about Smoke on the road...
You can edit with Smoke on a MacBook; as long as you have Thunderbolt and an external disk array.
Smoke 2012 supports anything from RED can use Final Cut Pro hot keys.
You can get a 30 day free trial.
If you are a student with an .edu address you can get a free 36-month trial!

8:08 Megan from Avid introduces Corey Tedrow to talk about fiture features and Andrew Weisblum on editing Black Swan.
Avid has been on an openness kick for a few years now...
They are adding support for AVCH and Epic files. Adding AJA and Matrox support. AJA has added DNXHD support to KeyPro.
They are adding ProRes export support.

Andy talks about building up the dance bar scene and working with the sound designer. He was also on set for some of it editing.

Walter Murch is about to speak..and I'm running out of battery!!

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