Saturday, October 29, 2011

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Addressing the Rumors | Kimberly Snyder | Kodak
Kim Snyder, President of Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division, tries to address the ongoing concerns about film, it's future, Kodak's support of film, and Kodak's future:
We are leveraging Kodak technology and intellectual property to bring an innovative digital asset management solution to market. It’s designed for content owners with assets of all formats created over the years.

And we will soon be introducing a new film! A new member of the VISION3 family of color negative films will be added to your film choices. With the latest film technology in the can, you can keep rolling in the most challenging production situations – on set or on location – and maintain a high resolution image through post and distribution.

Furthermore, with film still maintaining its archival leadership role in preserving the memorable images of the past centuries, we continue R&D towards expanding our archival film products to create a platform of choices for a variety of needs.

Walter Murch at the Boston SuperMeer | Chris Portal | Blog
Did you miss Walter Murch at the Boston SuperMeet? Chris did a great job of writing up what he talked about (also I've posted a video of Walter speaking about Final Cut Pro X.):
He went on to discuss the preciousness of film, contrasting Apocalypse Now to his most recent film, Hemingway & Gellhorn, which he is wrapping up for HBO. Apocalypse Now involved 14,160 mins of footage, equating to 7 tons of workprint (1000 ft of picture and sound = 11 mins = 11 pounds), whereas Hemingway & Gellhorn involved about 10,000 mins of footage, consisting of a small drive of 0’s and 1’s.

Exporting to Video From Photoshop Extended | Scott Bourne | 3 Exposure
Short tip on how to export to video:
Whether you’re making slide shows with your HDR or panoramic images or doing time lapse, you may need (or even create) video. One of Photoshop Extended’s greatest abilities is to work with video files. While you can open a video file in the same way that you would any photograph, you need to save the files in a special way.

CMG Hidden Gems – Chapter 10 – All About Masking | Chris and Trish Meyer
| MasteringFilm
Reproduction of a chapter of the book Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects: Essential and Advanced Techniques, 5th Edition explains how to mask in After Effects.
While you can draw masks directly in the Comp panel, you can’t see the area of the image that you’ve masked out. But you can in the Layer panel – if you set up the Layer panel options correctly.

In the figure above, note the View menu and the Render checkbox in the Layer panel (left viewer). These decide what part of the rendering chain is displayed. When the Render switch is off, you can see the entire Source in the Layer panel and the results of your masking in the Comp panel (right viewer).

New Sony 18-252 mm Zoom | Jon Fauer | Film & Digital Times
Jon is impressed after playing with this lens, saying it could make the PMW-F3 the first 35mm motion picture point and shoot:
Sony’s new 18-252 mm zoom lens has been previously previewed as a prototype under glass, but this was the first time we could grab it and go. Which I did, with the F3 on its Chrosziel rig and SR-R1 Recorder nicely balanced aft. Skeptical at first, I was amazed how the image stabilization was able to smooth out my deliberate jumps for joy shooting handheld all the way out at 252 mm. Even the auto focus glided smoothly from one point to another.

Ultra High Definition Television Development Continues | Carolyn Giardina
| The Hollywood Reporter
Never mind 4K, here comes 8K. When will the madness end? Seriously? If you're projecting on a movie screen, maybe you need 8K, but do you really need 8K TV in the home?
A technical specification for Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) — a digital video format proposed by Japan’s NHK that supports up to 8K resolution — could be in place as early as next April, according to Wood, who chairs the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Working Party, which leading this effort. A technical recommendation is an important step on the roap to implementation of new technology.

Apple's Processor Options for Early 2012 Mac Pro Begin to Firm Up | MacRumors
Wild speculation about the arrival of the next(?) Mac Pros, based on the expected delivery of Intel's Sandy Bridge E processors.

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