Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sort o Live Bloggong the Boston SuperMeet

I had been going to Twitter this, but that's not working..

6:30 Dan Bérubé came on the screen in the vendor room to tell us the doors were opening!
6:40 Room is half full already.

Oh, Dan thinks I'm Irish. That explains a lot...

6:45 I'm so technically challenged, any pictures will come later...much, much later!

6:50 the just opened with the Apple "Here's To The Crazy Ones" narrated by Steve Jobs.

6:57 everyone shake the hand of the person next to hugging!

6:58 How many people use Resolve? Two people?! How many use Color? About a quarter of the room put up their hands; "Well forget it"

Alexis talks Interoperability in Resolve 8.1

"Resolve is like Switzerland"
Full round trip Finsl Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro CS 5.5.1
Resolve 8.1 introduces round trip to FCPX
Can import FCP7 to FCPX with Resolve Lite. Only does video, not audio.

Just demoed Trisha Myers (sp?) "instant Sex" look; a blur with contrast.

7:16 Michael Horton says Dan Bérubé is going to do standup!

Jem Schofield now talking Canon EOS filmmaking.
"How many people here went to film school?" not a whole lot; that's pretty typical.
At the C47 he's been doing daily video podcasts for the last two years. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

On the Canon EOS-1D X: "this may or may not be the camera for you." he's selling the fact that it's their flagship stills camera, and the first of a new generation....

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