Friday, October 28, 2011

Boston SuperMeet III - Walter Murch

I'm still recovering from last night, and am going to post a bit more detailed report later this afternoon. But to wrap-up the reports from yesterday:

Walter Murch was just awesome. Well worth the price of admission. He had lots to say about all kinds of things, from Final Cut Pro X and XML (he loves the latter, not sure at all about the former) to 3D (doesn't like it) and the audio in Apocalypse Now (did you know it switches between mono, stereo and 5.1 in different places for effect?)

He showed the timeline of his latest movie (edited in Final Cut Pro 7) with 55 audio channels! The channels are grouped based on their purpose. He did say that he could probably squeeze that down to about 20, but since Final Cut Pro 7 allows you to have up to 99 channels, he likes to keep everything separated so he can easily find things.

I'm just scratching the surface here.

It was a great night, even if I didn't win anything in the raffle.

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