Monday, October 24, 2011

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Mini Review of the RODE Lapel Microphone (Well Recomended) | Philip Johnston
| HD Warrior
Philip really likes these RODE lapel mics [$249]:
The microphone is an omni-directional polar pattern 60Hz to 18KHz and a sound pressure level of 94dB. I can hold my hand up and tell you that I am delighted with my two microphones, they come in an anti-trauma waterproof case and as you can see wind puffs are also part of the kit.
For £150 per microphone kit the RODE system is the best on the sub-miniature marketplace and you will be hard pressed to find a more versatile microphone system on the marketplace.

iPhone 4S Movie: The hand pressed Cappuccino | F9photo | Vimeo
So not only was this shot on an iPhone 4S, but they used a Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly, (which you can see in this picture [ProPic]). I wonder what a client would think if you showed up to shoot a project on your iPhone?

The 5 Smartest Financing Tips From the Film Independent Forum | Kim Adelman
| IndieWire
Some tips from the Film Independent Forum recently held at the Directors Guild Theater in Hollywood:
Your genre matters. Craig wanted to make a comedy that mocks horror films. He met with production companies that said they’d love to finance it – but as a straight horror film. Later, when the completed film played Sundance and won an audience award at SXSW, distributors shied away because they didn’t know how to get a handle on the mixed genre. Other panelists warned that comedies and American sports films were nearly impossible to get foreign pre-sales.

Piper Jaffray: Apple is already building prototype TV sets | Philip Elmer-DeWitt
| CNN Money
Did Steve Jobs have a new vision for the television set? That's the latest idea mentioned by Jobs biographer, who says Jobs had been working on some sort of TV related product.
I don't think it's a surprise that Apple has been working on TV for some time - they of course already have the Apple TV - but I'm not sure there's anything you can do to reinvent TV; that's what the internet already did.

The Sony NEX-7 Digital Camera Review | Steve Huff | Blog
Steve Huff has had the NEX-7 to play with for a couple of weeks, and he's now posted his full review. He really likes the camera, especially the OLED viewfinder, though he notes the camera isn't quite as clean at high ISO's as the NEX-5N (the NEX-7 has a higher resolution sensor which probably accounts for this):
The high ISO may be a little better on the 5n but that is about it. The built in EVF of the 7 makes all the difference in the world as does the Tri-Navi controls. if you already have a 5n and EVF, you are really only missing the controls and larger body style. In that case, buy yourself the Zeiss 24 and call it a day.

The Sad Truth about Vendor-Client Relationships | Dan Bailey
| The Photoletariate
A great way to start Monday, Dan highlights an amusing video about vendor-client relationships.
It’s also a bit cathartic to watch because it reminds us that we’re not alone. We hear this stuff from our clients and customers all the time. Unfortunately, there’s an element of artistic and creative work that will always be treated this way by some people in the business world.

Apple quietly updates MacBook Pro lineup with faster CPUs, graphics
| AppleInsider
Apples does a "quiet" update - no official announcement so far - of most of their MacBook Pro line, goosing processor speeds, graphics and some hard drive configurations. Prices have remained the same.
This update reminds us that there's still no word on a MacPro update. Perhaps Apple is leaving that market as well...

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