Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Final Cut Pro X News

FCPX OMF Workaround | Jef Gibbons | Vimeo
Jef demonstrates using the utility FOOLCUT_AE [$89] to get an OMF export from Final Cut Pro X to an audio application. You'll also need Premiere Pro and After Effects to complete the process.
FOOLCUT_AE transfers a FCPX sequence to After Effects, then you can export that to Premiere Pro, and then use Premiere Pro to export to OMF!!
He notes:
The hack does work, but as you see some clips are out of sync. It's just the audio that's slightly out on a couple of the clips. Most of the clips lined up perfectly, so you have to use the actual audio from the FCPX render to line up any clips that are slightly out.

I should mention that the sync issues don't happen at all when going from FCPX to AfterEffects via foolcut, the software works perfectly for that. The move from AE to PP is where the sync gets muddled a bit.

Boinx FxTiles | FxFactory | YouTube
A tutorial for Boinx FxTiles, a set of effects and transitions that feature 3D shattering and tiling. The effect works in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects.
Boinx FxTiles [Product Page] runs within Noise Industries FxFactory, and costs $99.

Roundtrip from FCPX to Resolve to FCPX and transfer projects into Final Cut Pro 7 too! |
Mathieu Marano demonstrates using DaVinci Resolve Lite with Final Cut Pro X, and that you can use it as an intermediary between FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7:
There are some caveats though. It looks like audio is not supported and something funky is going on with the substitution of effects, but hey, FCPX isn't even four months old yet!

FCPX to DaVinci Resolve Lite | Ben Sengsouvanh | Blog
Ben is also excited about DaVinci Resolve Lite, except that he's found his three year old MacBook isn't really up to the task:
Even though I haven’t really had a chance to play around with the round tripping so far, I have come across some interesting things. I’d like to call them bugs, but it just might be my computer.
  • Crashes on import with certain titles (in this case Widescreen Matte by Alex4D)
  • Compound clips aren’t supported in Resolve yet.

Color Grading and Denoising with FCPX and Avidemux | Jonathan Musset
| Jonathan Cinema Blog
Jonathan explains his color grading workflow, providing some tips for those starting out, and using DSLRs. He also adds a little tip about a tool I haven't heard of before:
I have always an Avidemux step in my workflow. Avidemux is an open source project with many cool editing features. For instance, I like to apply my last gama correction in Avidemux with a filter called "Mplayer eq2" and my favorite companion is a filter called "Mplayer Hqdn3d" to remove the noise at the end of the process (very useful with the CineStyle).

Final Cut Pro X - Keywords | Steve Douglas and Ken Stone
| Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Web Site
If you're just starting out in Final Cut Pro X you'll want to learn about applying keywords to clips. This article is a good start:
Renamed, the clip will stay linked to its original clip name and return to the browser in alphabetical order. A renamed clip, brought into the timeline will retain the name you gave it. However, should you bring the clip to the timeline before it was named, and then rename it in the Clip browser, the timeline clip will retain its original name. Therefore, it would be prudent to make sure all clips have been named and organized before building the timeline.

Troubleshooting Final Cut Pro X | Richard Taylor | LAFCPUG
An indispensable collection of tips for fixing problems in Final Cut Pro X:
7) A corrupt Project or Event Render file could be a problem.
Delete Event Render files by selecting the Event and then going to the File menu and choosing
File > Delete Event Render Files. Choose All Render Files if you suspect an Event render file is causing your problem. Of course you will have to re-render everything if you choose this option.

Apple Final Cut Pro X - 3rd Party Plug-ins Updates | Michele Yamazaki | ToolFarm
A list of third-party plug-in vendors that have added support - or announced support - for Final Cut Pro X.

Free FCPX BBC Specification title and action safe area effect | Simon Ubsdell
A titles-safe effect for FCPX that matches the BBC specification has been posted in the forum:
Note that there are a variety of Safe Action/Title effects out there of varying degrees of accuracy. I thought it best to adhere strictly to the BBC standard for this effect (Safe Action = 80% active width, 93% active height; Safe Title = 65% active width, 90% active height), but the specifics may vary in your territory.

FCPX INs and OUTs - Replace Edit | Andy Neil | Creative COW
A video tutorial that explains FCPX's Replace Edit feature: one that's quite a bit different from previous versions explained in an earlier tutorial.

Controlling Final Cut X with an iPad | Sam McGuire | Creative COW
Using an iPad, Skype, SoundFlower,, and your primary Final Cut station you can edit from anywhere you have network connection. This video tutorial describes the setup and basic functionality of the involved tools.

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