Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Canon EOS-1D X First Look Video | Dan Chung | DSLRNewsShooter
At London's Canon Pro Solutions show Dan spoke to Canon's Mike Burnhill about the EOS-1D X. He's posted a 14 minute video of the demo/interview which is well worth watching.
They discuss pretty much all the - hopefully - promising improvements in this new camera:
  • There's some discussion of the new compression option (ALL-I and IPB) All-I makes every frame a key frame (to display the frame, software won't need to render the other frames.) This improves editing performance, but the file size is about three times the size of IPB. IPB is an updated version of the compression used in the previous cameras.
  • Rolling Shutter should be reduced because they're doing a faster read-out from the chip (which was added to improve the frames-per-second still image capture.)
  • Aliasing and moirĂ© reduced because it's not line skipping.
  • HDMI output isn't clean, but it doesn't drop-out when you go to record. Dan asks a rather sticky question about why that is, and the guy sort of suggests that it would compete with the video division!
  • There's a dedicated button for zoom magnification.
  • They try it with a Zacuto EVF and a Cinematics USB follow-focus (both work fine).
  • Official footage probably won't be out until next month or later.
There's also an interesting discussion about why they pre-announced the camera so early:
"The whole reason we've announced the camera so early is people complain we don't give a roadmap, that we just bring out cameras straight this is the first time we're kind of announcing a camera as a roadmap, and we're allowing people a first hands on. So the product's still being worked on, some of the features will change perhaps."
Business 101: Pre-announcing products usually kills sales of existing products. You only pre-announce if 1) you don't already make something that competes with what you're announcing, or 2) you're concerned about existing customers jumping to another vendors products. I wonder whether they really want to provide a roadmap, or delays in production forced them to show their hand before they could ship the camera.

Think You Don’t Need to Focus? Think Again | Chase Jarvis | Blog
A cheeky little post about the Lytro camera which allows focusing after-the-fact, noting that just because the camera no longer requires you to focus, doesn't mean that you don't have to focus on other content.

Lighting Tip | David Kruta| Twitter
David posted an interesting tip on Twitter for creating a "no light" effect:
Lighting for that "no light" look using what I call HannaLights. Xmas lights taped to bounce board

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Boston SuperMeet
Today is Boston's Second Annual SuperMeet, and I'm off to the event in a bit. Last year I had planned to post some live reports from the event, but it turned out to be too difficult, so I'll probably just write something up tomorrow.
Have a great day everyone!

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