Saturday, July 02, 2011

News From Here & There

Documentary Shooting With The NEX-FS100
Eric Koretz bought the NEX-FS100 for an HBO documentary and he's written a post about setting up the camera with a PL mount adapter from Hot Rod Camera. He also warns against using the camera with a quick release baseplate:
As you can see in the picture above I added a shitty quick release plate (in the field) because I needed to pop the camera off quickly..DON’T do what I did (Illya warned me not to put the plate on FYI). Because of the ergonomics of the camera and the poor (plastic) build of the plate it makes the camera unstable and adds slop (movement) while pulling focus.
ImageHunter: HBO Documentary – SONY FS100 with O’Connor, Hot Rod and Zeiss

New Olympus 4/3 Lenses
Olympus have announced two new 4/3 lenses which should be usable with the Panasonic AG-AF100.
HD Warrior has a bit of information, along as mentioning a couple of zooms from Olympus.
HDWarrior: Two new mFT Prime lenses from Olympus

RED EPIC HDRx Workflow
Leandro Marini, founder and DI Producer at Local Hero Post and Blair Paulsen, founder of 4-K Ninjas, demonstrate the best practices for photography and post-production workflows of RED EPIC RAW and EPIC HDRx files with ASSIMILATE SCRATCH.
VimeoWebinar: RED’s EPIC HDRx Workflow in SCRATCH

Edius 6 Update
Grass Valley has updated Edius, adding support for 50p & 60p. No word on a discount for Final Cut Pro users...
CinescopophiliaGrass Valley EDIUS 6 Update To Version 6.03 Nonlinear Video Editing Software
BroadcastEngineeringGrass Valley adds new free features for EDIUS 6

Magic Bullet Suite 11
Red Giant's filter/tool set was updated this week. For a good explanation of the features and functionality of this suite, check the post with one of the designers of the software, Stu Maschwitz. Note that it is not supported by Final Cut Pro X, though they have said that FCP X support will come as a free update sometime in the future.
ProlostMagic Bullet Suite 11
Sample video, Vimeo: Magic Bullet Looks 2 Fun

Allan T├ępper notes new features in the HDMI output of several Sony camcorders including the HXR-NX5, NEX-FS100, HXR-NX70 and HXR-NX3D1 (RGB/4:4:4 or YUV 4:2:2, 1080 @ 59.94p or 50p, Timecode, 23.976p via 2:3 reversible pulldown and 25p or 29.97p via 2:2 reversible pulldown.)
He also notes that several of these features - including 4:4:4 - is not currently supported by many of the external video recorders.
ProVideoCoalitionUntapped features in Sony NXCAM’s new HDMI output

Passive vs Active 3D
Sony strikes back at LG's campaign in favor of passive 3D glasses with a blog post:
Yes, TVs with passive 3D glasses are less expensive – but you get what you pay for. The lower cost directly translates to lower performance and the fact of the matter is that active 3D technology provides a bright and clear image that cannot be achieved with a passive set.
SonystyleThe Truth About Active Vs Passive 3D. Mike Abary Sets the Record Straight


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