Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 7

Tutorials & Webinars

Fading Audio
A new tutorial at Premiumbeat:
In this second post in our series on working with sound in FCPX, we’ll take a look at the new tools for fading audio in and out on the project timeline.
Premiumbeat: FCP X Audio Tutorial Part 2: Using Final Cut Pro X’s Audio and Music Fading Tools

Webinar - Final Cut Pro X Hands On Tour
A free webinar with Scott Simmons: Thursday, June 30, 2011 @ 10:00 AM PDT to 11:30 AM PDT
FilmMakingWebinars: Hands On Tour Final Cut Pro X

Webinar - Transitioning Your NLE
ProMax is offering a series of webinars for those transitioning from Final Cut Pro 7:
  • ADOBE: July 14th @ 10am pst - Switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe: Cost, Infrastructure Changes, Collaboration & Benefits
  • AVID: July 21st @ 10am pst - Switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to Avid: Cost, Infrastructure Changes, Collaboration & Benefits
  • FCPX: July 28th @ 10am pst - Switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to FCP X:Cost Infrastructure Changes, Collaboration & Benefits
ProMax: Where to go After FCP 7

Video WebCast Replay
This weekend Alex Lindsay, Mark Spencer, and Steve Martin had a candid discussion about the new Final Cut Pro X via uStream. A recording of the event is now up on YouTube, and it's worth watching:

Video Tutorial from Izzy Media
Israel Hyman has put together two and a half hours of training on Final Cut Pro X that's available for free.
[I couldn't seem to get them to play when I tried them; I hope he hasn't swamped his server!]
IzzyMedia: Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Third Party Developers
  • GenArts announcement: Sapphire Edge for Final Cut Pro X is in beta for an August release: GenArts: Sapphire Edge for Apple Final Cut Pro
  • BorisFX: "We are in the process of porting Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug, the Boris Continuum Units, Final Effects Complete FxPlug, Boris RED, Boris FX, and Boris Graffiti to Apple’s FxPlug 2 plug-in architecture". Apple Final Cut Pro X Support

Other News
XML import code inside FCPX?
9to5 Mac reports that found the code for importing Final Cut Pro 7 projects inside FCPX.
9 to 5 Mac: Import of previous Final Cut Pro XML coming soon to Final Cut Pro X

A Facebook page: FCPX Group

I love the metaphors about carpenters never being in panic over tools, but I have to admit hammers are usually backwards compatible

The Positives
Dab Rubottom looks at what they got right in Final Cut Pro X, including:
  • Better Audio Plugins
  • Easier Keyframing
  • Scrubbing with Pitch Correction
  • Sub-frame Audio Editing
DanRubottom: What Apple DID Get Right in Final Cut Pro X- Part 1

The Negatives
Richard Harrington Calls It Quits
File this under #NOTASURPRISE. After spending quite a bit of time bemoaning what's happened with Final Cut, Richard Harrington has posted a new article outlining all of his concerns, and concludes:
This takes us to the final point. Can you expect that the investment you make today will work in the future? Can you invest in training your employees so they are ready for the future? Can you trust Apple?

I am going to speak no further ... that is a personal decision for you to make.
RichardHarrington: The Final Straw that was FCPX

Yesterday Jeffery Harrell posted a cool video to Vimeo, which got popular, and then got taken down. A lot of people assumed that Apple had it taken down, including Ron Dawson, who wrote a post about it...
...Now it appears that the clip was taken down because of the illegal use of music, not because Apple had sent a take down notice to Vimeo. Still, Ron finds that a little hard to believe...
Mainly because I’ve never, ever seen Vimeo take down a video due to music clearance. Not saying they haven’t, I just never saw it. So, why all of a sudden now? Maybe the music holders of this particular song didn’t like how Jeffery used it and asked for it to be removed. I guess it’s just a “fishy” coincidence that of all music copyright-infringing videos on Vimeo to be taken down, why this one?
Note: YouTube has agreements with several commercial labels which actually allows them to host clips with [some] copyrighted music.
BladeRonner: Vimeo’s Removal of Jeffery Harrell’s FCPX Video and What That Means to You

Hitler reacts to Final Cut Pro X: YouTube: Hitler finds out about Final Cut Pro X

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