Friday, July 01, 2011

The Cat Ate The Dog

Ricoh is buying Pentax. Neither of those companies have much involvement in video, so it's hardly worth noting, except that my first SLR camera was a Ricoh. Ricoh's SLRs used the Pentax K mount for lenses, so the two companies have had a relationship for many years. In fact, I bought the Ricoh camera (followed by a second Ricoh two years later) because I couldn't afford the Pentax camera I liked(!) Ricoh cameras were cheaper than the Pentax models.

At the time I thought that one day I'd "upgrade" to Pentax.

Not that I was unhappy with the Ricoh camera. It served me well until I started playing with digital cameras in the mid-90s; infact it lasted until I switched to digital - and ended up with Canon.

MacworldRicoh to buy Pentax, set sights on digital SLR market

 Ricoh XR-7 (source:
It seemed a lot rounder, and a lot cooler when I bought it!

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