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Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 9

Digital Production Buzz, Jun 30th - Final Cut Pro X
Andrew Little, Patrick Inhofer, Philip Hodgetts, Bruce Sharpe, Alex Grossman, and more will be on this weeks Digital Production Buzz webcast.
This week, we talk with a variety of developers to get their take on the new software. When will plug-ins be released? How hard is it to develop for? What can we expect? We get all the details this week. All this, plus Pick Our Brains, on this week’s show!
Thursday, June 30th 6PM (PDT)

FCPX.TV has put together a page of Final Cut Pro X tips - for FCP7 editors:
002 Add Edit is now called Blade (Cmd + B). This is different from just selecting the Blade tool (B) which requires a click on the media to perform the edit.
FCPX.TV: Final Cut Pro X Tips

From the Trenches - LAFCPUG Meeting Report
Michael Kammes reports on Tuesday's meeting of LAFCPUG, which featured Phillip Hodgetts, president of Intelligent Assistance; Larry Jordan, trainer, author; as well as Michael Wohl, author, award-winning filmmaker and part of the original engineering team for Final Cut Pro 1.
Jordan's usual calm smoothness and pacing seemed to put audience at ease. Backhanded jabs about features in FCP X during his presentation to punctuate a point drew many laughs and claps from the audience — further relaxing the crowd. As an audience member, we needed it. I felt there was a slight mob mentality prior to the meeting of wanting to bash the application. Humor seemed to alleviate at least a portion of that.
PostMagazine: BLOG: The first LAFCPUG meeting since the release of FCP X

Al Gore to the Rescue?
Jon Davidson tells Apple Board Member Al Gore that Final Cut Pro X is broken:
AL: “I’ll make sure to let them know”.
Macenstein: Al Gore is going to fix FCP X

Wish List
Ben King at LAFCPUG is putting together a wish list:
  1. Multi-cam functionality.
  2. Separately Adjustable Video Thumbnail and Audio Track heights (grab via pointer).
  3. Open Project (Timeline/Storyline) as a clip and edit into another with all clips editable rather than cut and paste.
LAFCPUG: FCPX Feature Wish List

Macworld PodCast
Christopher Breen and Gary Adcock talk about Final Cut Pro X: Episode #250


Hurting Pros
Andy Mees explains how the release of Final Cut Pro X has completely changed the purchasing decision for his edit suites:
So why have I got anything to say about FCP X. Well then, I'll tell you … because we "were" just about to replace our PC based Edius suites with a couple of all singing all dancing hardware assisted Mac Pro based Final Cut Studio super suites (oh yeah) and all hanging of a nice big chunk of XSAN savvy shared storage.

And is that still going to happen, with FCP X in its place? Hell no. It may be the future, but its not the present.

Positive Review
Brandon Garcia offers a cinematographers review of Final Cut Pro X:
Although, I am very proficient in editing, I am a cinematographer, not an editor. The less time I spend editing and exporting the better. As far as efficiency, user-friendliness, organization, and speed…. final cut pro x is the way to go.
BrandonGarcia: First Experience with FCPX

What Might Have Been
Jeffery Harrell offers his opinion of what might have been:
Say what you want about it, but the fact is FCP 7 worked pretty darned well. Once you accepted the burden of media management and format sanitation — I’ll talk about those in more detail later — it was fast, faster than dreams. You could really be creative in FCP 7. It got out of your way and just let you be an editor. It was great, truly great, for offline creative editorial.
JefferyHarrell: FCP 8: What could have been

It's Vincent Laforet's Fault!
Tongue-in-cheek, Ron Dawson blames Vincent Laforet for Final Cut Pro X (well, really, the DSLR revolution.)
When Vincent made “Reverie” everything changed. Filmmakers started shooting with DSLR cameras. Photographers started calling themselves “visual artists” and directors. “Cats and dogs were living together. MASS HYSTERIA!” There’s only one market I can think of that is big enough to change the course of the river that was FCP. Pro photographers-turned-filmmakers (or pros wanting to add video to their repertoire).
It's an interesting idea, BUT while I have encountered some photographers who are making the switch to video the last couple of years, there are also a lot of people who are suddenly thinking about movie making who would have never dreamed about doing it before; or would have been struggling with other video cameras.So it's all the DSLRs fault!
BladeRonner: FCPX and the Death of Final Cut Pro 7 is All Vincent Laforet’s Fault (or Why I think FCPX is Aimed Squarely at Photographers)


You Can't Wait For The Future
Dylan Reeve says the TV and Film industry has to leave Final Cut behind:
Businesses in the film and TV industry, that have to deliver a product to a strict standard within a strict deadline, can’t pin their hopes on a future upgrades or the next version while relying on an increasingly ageing product that has been EOL’ed. They need certainty and at the moment the only certainty that exists with FCP is that the current version has no future hopes and the current version isn’t suitable for their work. They have no choice but to look elsewhere.
EditGeek: Apple Has Abandoned Pros

Lightworks for the Mac?
The NLE Lightworks is now an Open Source Project, and reportedly they are working on a Mac version for release later this year.

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