Thursday, June 30, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 10


Color Correcting
Dan Allen has added a video tutorial showing color correction in Final Cut Pro X.
YouTube: Final Cut Pro X Basics Tutorial Pt. 2 - Color Correcting / Grading

Kevin McAuliffe has a second part in his introductory series:In Lesson 2 of this Final Cut Pro X video tutorial series, Kevin P McAuliffe takes a look at more importing features, and the most important part of FCPX.....editing clips in your timeline. CreativeCOW: Apple FCPX - Final Cut Pro X Tutorials : Kevin P. McAuliffe


Hiding Events in the Event Library
Apple has posted a support tech note explaining how to hide Events Hint: it involves moving the Event folders out of the Events Library.
Apple: Final Cut Pro X: Hiding Events in the Event Library

OMF Export
Scott Simmons experiments with Automatic Duck's OMF export and tries importing the results into Adobe Audition.
My thought has been that even though FCPX’s timeline is trackless the clips are still laid out in a similar manner to a tracked timeline only much more haphazardly. So there has to be some way to move the data in and out.
Going by the pictures, it appears that the export mostly worked, though some tracks appear to be in the wrong place.
ProVideoCoalition: A Final Cut Pro X timeline OMF’d into Adobe Audition

FCP 7 vs. FCP X
Clear Head Media put the two applications to a side-by-side test to see how they compared performing a simple edit and upload to Vimeo using DSLR footage. The FCP7 edit included converting to ProRes using MPEG StreamClip and syncing the audio using PluralEyes. The results:
FCP 7: 27 minutes
FCP X: 34 minutes
Vimeo: Clearhead // FCP7 vs FCPX Deathmatch!


Updates in Six Months?
Apple says they plan to add multicam support in the next release, but when will that be?: This report makes the statement:
Apparently, the plan is to update Final Cut Pro X substantially twice a year through the Mac App Store.
It also says that there will be a replacement for the XML workflow...
This report is from last week, and it's unclear how accurate it is, despite the fact that it appears to have originated with Philip Hodgetts (who knows more than most of us, but isn't always right!)

CultOfMac: Final Cut Pro X To Get New And Missing Features Every Six Months


Clip Selection Bug?
Dan Allen seems to have encountered a problem with a clip that became locked after being imported:
I cannot select a different clip - the clip appears to be locked or something. When I import a new clip I can then choose between the new clip and the previous locked clip - it is all very strange!
Vimeo: Final Cut Pro X Glitch / Clip Selection Error

Movies in iTunes/iPhoto/Aperture Not Viewable in Media Browser
Is this a bug? A note on Apple's site points out that videos in iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture are not viewable in the Media Browser in Final Cut Pro X. You have to drag them to an Event.
Apple: Final Cut Pro X: Movie files from iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture do not appear in the media browser

Motion 5

The Good & the Bad
Last week Mark Spencer noted the "5 Top New Features in Motion" but this week he notes some things that Apple removed from Motion:
3) Opening Multiple Project Files
In Motion 4, you could open as many project as you wanted: you could work on multiple projects at the same time, refer to other projects while designing, and copy layers and groups from one project to another. In Motion 5, you are restricted to opening just one project at a time
ProVideoCoalition: Motion 5: Five Missing Features
ProVideoCoalition: Motion 5: Top 5 New Features

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