Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 Update 4 & 5

[Previous updates: NotesOnVideo Sony NEX FS-100]

Sony US microsite is up for the NEX-FS100: NEXFS100U

For a more positive view of the NEX-FS100, check out EOSHD: Sony FS100 - a kick up the arse:
This is definitely going to be popular, not since the VX2000 / PD150 have Sony produced something so compelling for filmmakers.

For those who can afford $6000, and with no 5D Mark 3 available yet, the FS100 is a good choice

Zacuto says you'll want a rig for it: Sony’s NEX FS100 has Arrived
Unlike most ENG cameras, the NEX-FS100 is not ergonomic. Because it is such a small camera, it doesn’t fit the human body very well. Mounting the camera on your shoulder without a proper baseplate system is impossible.

10-bit or 8-bit HDMI?
The NEX-FS100 doesn't have HD-SDI out, but it does have HDMI 4:2:2. One question; is that 8-bit or 10-bit. Nigal Copper says it's 8, while others are saying 10

Den Lennie, who got to play with the NEX-FS100E will be doing a webchat with Mitch at planet5D on Thursday March 24th at 3pm EDT – 8pm GMT (20:00 GMT) [CORRECTION; it's at 4PM EDT!]

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FocusPulling (.com) said...

Zacuto charges well over $1k for its simple gear thingy that adds follow focus. Hilarious.