Saturday, March 26, 2011

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  • Software Zeiss CP.2 lenses for Micro Four Thirds (for the Panasonic AG-AF100 Zeiss says they will be shipping their Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses with F and MFT mounts this week.

  • PMW-F3 Footage: latest video examples from this camera include: Arthur-Film GmbH posted another video shot with Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 50/T2 / Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 35/T2 / 4:2:0) showing some night shots at 0 db, 9 db and 18 db: PMW-F3 lowlight test | Matthew Allard compares PMW-F3 footage at 35Mb/s and 4:2:2 (Cinedeck) "Amazingly the 35MB/s codec stands up much better than you think it would. You should never judge a codec purely by a number. 4.2.2 10 bit is sharper and slightly cleaner but it is very hard to pick the difference.Sony F3 XDCAM 35MB/s and ProRes 422 220MB/s Cinedeck Extreme Comparison | Ryan Bohling has posted Morning on the Reservoir, shot with the 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses, with some shots over cranked at 60 fps.

  • Follow Focus motor: Jag35 has posted a video showing their new J4 motor, a Digital Lens motor with enough torque for use on stiff PL Cinema lenses(486oz/in. - The J4 motor will be part of a Wireless Electronic Follow Focus Cinema Kit: VimeoJag35's Digital motor for Cinema lenses & Wireless follow focus kit

  • RED Epic and Arri Alexa: In this almost two hour podcast from the rc, Mike Seymour and Jason WIngrove discuss the Red Epic, the new Sony F5 camera, and talk to the DP who used the Arri Alexa on the BBC drama Upstairs Downstairsthe rc #85: EPIC Sea Pool


  • The Canted Camera: in an excerpt from his book The Filmmaker's Eye, Gustavo Mercado explains how canting the camera can "create spatial imbalance or disorientation which can convey a sense of dramatic tension, psychological instability, confusion, madness, or drug-induced psychosis": MasteringFilm: Using Canted Shots to Convey Tension

  • Editing and Spatial Relationships. In this blog post, Shawn Montano explains the thought processes in editing a sequence, and how - and when - he mixed closeups, medium and wide shots. Edit Foundry: Spatial Relations

  • North by Northwest: Bill Martell takes an indepth look at Hitchcock's masterpiece to see what makes it work. Sex In A SubmarineFridays With Hitchcock: North By Northwest


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