Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quick Links

  • Streaming Movies: Would would watch on-demand movies with commercials every 10 minutes? Screen Media Ventures thinks you might: Indie Film Distributor Screen Media Starts Streaming Ad-Supported Releases

  • Streaming Film Festival: the Tribeca (Online) Film Festival will host free exclusive content including six feature length festival films: Videography: Tribeca (Online) Film Festival Creates Innovative Festival Experience Online

  • Is this the year of video EVFs? LCDVF announces the LCDVFe with focus assist via red peaking over black and white, exposure assist with under and over exposure Zebras, 1:1 pixel zoom feature with positionable recall feature and 840x400 resolution: LCDVFe

  • DPReview reviews the Panasonic GH2. "The GH2 is easily the best video-equipped stills camera that we've ever used. The depth of its feature set is impressive, but more importantly, it creates great looking video." Some people have suggested it's taken DPReview quite some time to put this together; but can anyone actually buy one of these at the moment?! (B&H are taking preorders and say they expect them soon.)

  • Workflow thing. I hate it when I go to a product website and after five minutes of study, I'm still not sure what they are selling, and how it's supposed to help me. Silverstack offers an H.264 is supposed to "manage backup, quality control and media handling" but I'm not really sure how it does that. Is it just a backup program?: Pomfort: Silverstack

  • 128GB SDXC cards. By Lexar, available now at B& H.

  • Documentary: Christopher Campbell at the Cinematical blog has been asking "what one thing could change for the better for documentaries?" and getting different answers: moviefoneDoc Talk: How Could Documentary Cinema Change for the Better?

  • Opening Titles: last week I posted a video that was a compendium of movie titles through the last century. There's a blog that does a similar job with stills from the titles: idsgn: Now and then: How film titles have evolved

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