Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Story Beyond The Still" Contest Reaches A Conclusion

Way back in January of 2010, Canon - with the help of Vincent Laforet - started the "Story Beyond The Still" competition.
The Story Beyond the Still is a series of six competitions creating a user-generated movie "The Cabbie": for the first round, take the last moment (or still) of the first segment - the Prologue - created by Vincent Laforet, and make the next Chapter in the film. The entrants in that round will be judged, the first Chapter chosen, and then the second challenge starts based on the last frame of that one, and so on. At the end, the six Chapter winners get to join Vincent Laforet on location to collaboratively shoot the final chapter of “The Cabbie.”
And now it's finally completed and about to be premiered at Sundance: The world premiere of the entire saga of the Story Beyond The Still, including the final chapter "Corridors", will simultaneously premiere on Vimeo and at a screening at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd at 6:30 EST.

VincentLaforet: Behind The Scenes: Final Chapter

The Story Beyond The Still "Corridors" - Behind the Scenes from Blake Whitman on Vimeo.

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