Monday, January 17, 2011

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Is DSLR Video A Revolution?
Back in December, Robin Schmidt posted an article: DSLR Video Is Not A Revolution, arguing:
There’s no revolution going on in Hollywood. People are incorporating stills cameras into production because they’re cheap and they can get away with it...
Actually, that's about as strong as it gets, because later in the piece he argues that Renaissance is a better word to describe what's going on.

But Nino Leitner is having none of it, and has posted a response:
I tend to disagree with his principal notion of denying the revolutionary impact of DSLRs in the filmmaking world. Ironically, I get the feeling he found himself confirming the very fact that these little cameras are nothing short of a revolution while he wrote his own article

[...]DSLR video is a revolution for many. It opens doors. It gives you results that you thought would cost a fortune to create only 5 years ag
I'm sure they are both right.
TheConvergence: DSLR Video Is Not A Revolution
NinoFilm: DSLR video IS a revolution

Sony PMW-F3 Videos
Sony Australia has a demo reel page with videos shot using the PMW-F3.
Sony: PMW-F3 Reels

BON Monitors
A South Korean company called BON has a number of small video monitors available, including 5 and 7 inch models. They might be ideal for DSLR monitoring, but unfortunately, while they seem to have a Canadian distributor, they don't seem to have a US one.
Bon: Webpage

First Time Filmmaker Wins HDSLR Competition
CJ Clarke has been awarded first prize in the first Open Shutter Awards for his movie Mother and Daughter. Clarke, 27, shot his winning film using a Canon 5D Mk II
PhotoCineNews: First Time Filmmaker Wins Inaugural UK HDSLR Award

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