Saturday, January 22, 2011

10th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet

The 10th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet is happening this Friday, January 28th at the Robertson Auditorium Mission Bay Conference Center (William J. Rutter Center)- UCSF. In addition to a Digital Showcase with 35 vendors and an Open Screen Theater, there will be presentations from:

  • CANON Presents: Michael Blieden, Expolorer of Light "Yes You Can Use Autofocus And Still Call Yourself A D.P."
  • Kevin Jardin and John Stark present their video "I The Pro Res Maker."
  • Best of the Best – Tips, Tricks, and Secret Techniques in FCP 7 - Returning to the Stage: Abba Shapiro and Steve Martin!
  • What's Happening in 3D Production? - Alex Lindsay
  • "POST IN A FLASH" - Tony Cacciarelli, AJA Video Systems
  • Smoke on Mac OSX -Josh Courtney and Marc Hamaker
  • The New Up: "Bitch" - Peggy Peralta and Albert Lopez

Hard to believe they're going to get through all that in one evening!
SuperMeet: San Francisco

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