Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News From Here & There

How Monsters was created using Adobe CS Production Premium
In a short video on AdobeTV, Writer/director Gareth Edwards of Monsters talks about how he believed he could create a movie "using stuff from home."
AdobeTV: Episode: Monsters

Production Office Episode to feature Philip Bloom
The Production Office LIVE is a free and interactive TV show for film makers and creatives. The first show of their second season will have DSLR guru Philip Bloom for a full hour of chatting about Canon, Panasonic, lenses, dollies and all manner of other goodies.
Thursday January 20th, 7.30pm UK time 

Nikon to release mirrorless pro camera system in April reports:
According to our veeeeeery good sources Nikon will unveil their new mirrorless system in April! Nikon developed a very advanced (and expensive) pro system not meant for the amateur market
While this will primarily be a still camera - I'm guessing - it will probably include video features, and the video quality from Nikon's still cameras has been steadily improving...
MirrorlessRumors: EXCLUSIVE: Nikon to launch a mirrorless system in April (with Sony sensor)

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