Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sony NXCAM 35mm latest news

At the recent event on the Sony PMW-F3, there was a little updated information on the NXCAM 35mm camera that Sony previously talked about at the InterBEE show in November:

  • It's being developed by the same team that developed the HXR-NX5
  • It's designed for handheld use (i.e. compete with DSLRs)
  • Uses a Super 35mm CMOS imager
  • E-mount lens platform
  • AVCHD Full HD Recording 1080/30P, 24P (using MPEG4/AVC H.264)
  • Compatable with existing NXCAM workflow
  • There is a 1080/60P capability
  • Tentative List Price: $6,000
  • Availability First Half 2011

It was noted that it doesn't look anything like the above image; even though they still showed that image with their slides. Also, they are still being coy about whether the CMOS sensor is the same one as the one used in the PMW-F3. At the moment, the official line is that they can't confirm that it's the same sensor.

It's unclear what the 1080/60P capability support means; since it was listed on a separate slide to the 30P and 24P support, I took that to mean that it's add-on (i.e. future firmware update) or might only be possible when using additional hardware i.e. recording to an external device.

When asked about audio support, the answer given was: It will support audio! The details are still being worked out.

I would expect to hear a lot more about this camera at NAB.


Dylan Reeve said...

In December we were shown a new image at the Auckland F3 launch - much more developed than this one, but told we couldn't repost it.

Here's my writeup at Crews.TV

We were told it was the same sensor, but that was by local Sony guys, who may have just been assuming.

Michael Murie said...

Dylan, Thanks for the update...your's is not the only report that it's the same sensor as the F3...but at the same time Sony are still officially going to great lengths to say that they can't confirm that it's the same sensor.

Unfortunately, sometimes the local guys know things, and sometimes they hear things from other people and just repeat all we can speculate wildly until it's official; I wouldn't be surprised either way.