Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazon Studios Closer to First Round WInners

Amazon Studios, a contest-come movie-making development process is moving towards it's first giveaway of $20,000 each to two winning scripts. They've picked six finalists, and the winners will be announced on January 27th (you have to join Amazon Studios to be able to view the scripts):
  • The Alchemist Agenda ›by Marty Weiss (Action and Adventure)
    Diver Jonathan Rocklin discovers a sunken U-Boat full of gold bullion and teams up with former Mossad agent Orly Ellis in a race around the world to uncover its origin before the German government buries the secret forever, and them with it.

  • America's Ben Franklin in: The Electrocution String ›Jason Ungate (Comedy, Action and Adventure)
    Follow Ben through the dark winter of 1777 as he uses his cunning and wit to foil the British forces and clear his name as a proud American patriot. You'll never think of George Washington, Benedict Arnold, or sexy flag-maker Betsy Ross the same way again.

  • Cody & the CubnappersBill Schreiber (Kids and Family)
    13-year-old Cody Wiles has an idyllic life in the Everglades. When he rescues a panther cub from a bear, the media attention attracts poachers who will stop at nothing to steal the cub from Cody and sell it for a nice profit. Luke (Cody's dad), Sydney, the local vet, and Mehala, a Seminole Indian, lead the poachers on the chase of a lifetime in order to reunite the cub with its mother.

  • The House That Evil BuiltMichael Coady (Horror)
    An ancient Ouija board and a severed hand are the first clues that Laura finds in her attempt to discover the secret of Elenor Pierce, whose ghost haunts a house in her hometown. With each clue, she thinks she's closer solving the mystery but is she really falling into Elenor's trap?

  • MemoryAlexander Greenfield (Thriller and Suspense)
    Former detective Nick Adler has a photographic memory so vivid, he can't tell past from present and the image of one victim, a young woman, haunts him wherever he goes. Now Melissa Driscoll is on the case, and needs Nick's help to catch the Second Sight killer.

  • VillainRichard Stern (Kids and Family)
    Epically evil super-villain Mortimer Savage is mourning the death of his nemesis, heroic spy Drake Develin. His therapist says hes lost his edge, and now a new bad guy has the world on red alert: the mysterious, nefarious Jackal. Savage must team up with his former enemy, The Agency and Drakes replacement, Rex Steele to uncover the Jackals identity and (shudder) save the world.

If you want to try your own hand at it, the Second Competition deadline is January 31st. Note that by uploading a script, you give Amazon Studios a free 18-month option on your script.
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