Friday, January 21, 2011

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ProTrack Recorder Review
The ProTrack Recorder from Alesis is a plug-in dock for iPhone or iPod that adds a Stereo-Mic and two phantom powered XLR inputs. The FinalCutUsers Blog takes an in-depth look at it, finding the unit generally okay "for the money," as well as going though getting your sound files into Final Cut Pro:
The unit has a headphone output that can be useful. It’s not the best in the world though… not as clean if you power it all the way up, so some of the noise you will be hearing in your headphones will not be on the recording itself.
Speaking of noisy … the built-in limiter is not really usable as this thing adds a lot of noise / static to the signal. Use the limiter only if you really have to. You will not be happy if you record (in) quite surroundings / environments with a turned on limiter.
FinalCutUsersBlog: ProTrack Recorder for iPod & iPhone …a test
Amazon: Alesis ProTrack Handheld Stereo Recorder for iPod [$177.25]

Final Cut Pro Editing Tips
A half hour clip on MacVideoTV features 30 minutes of Final Cut Pro tips and tricks, presented by Rick Young, live at MacVideo Expo October 2010.
MacVideoTV: Rick Young: Final Cut Pro tips and tricks

Why 24p?
Filmmaker, VFX Supervisor and ProLost blogger Stu Maschwitz explains to MacVideoTV why 24p is so important.
Certainly, we have this historical association with narrative material being presented at this reduced frame rate [...] but for me the big deal is that film is not about reality. Narrative filmmaking is about storytelling, and in storytelling we can use all the help we can get to enhance that sense of things being larger than life.
MacVideoTV: Stu Maschwitz: DV Rebel (part 2)

Camera Rigs
HDSLR 101 episode #6 takes a look at Camera Rigs, explaining what rods are and how you build rigs around them.
YouTube: HDSLR 101 #6 Camera Rigs

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