Saturday, October 02, 2010

News from Here & There

Canon 60D vs 550D vs 7D - which one is better?
A video from DigitalRev takes a look at the three cameras, comparing them for you. It's an interesting intro if you are trying to decide between them.
Favorite quote: "With the 60D, the buttons are utterly hateful"

RED says Scarlet will add HDRx capability and $1,000 price increase
...and it will only cause a 'slight' delay

RED's DSLR killer Scarlet has been promised for some time. Unfortunately there's still no firm date, and now RED has announced they plan to add HDRx capability, but there will be a slight delay.
REDuser: Scarlet...

Fake Documentaries
Xan Brooks at The Guardian looks at how documentaries are increasingly being "faked" with recreated sequences or actors standing in for real people.
Particularly interesting; the submission of faked footage to the crowd-sourced project "Life in a Day"
The Guardian: Can 'fake' documentaries still tell the truth?

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Paul said...

This is another example of RED and its godhead leadership being disingenuous about what's really going on. RED lost the use of a foreign supplier that was in queue to manufacture the majority of the Scarlet, but RED had to move that phase state-side, which costs more. (Rather automatically, they began to trumpet being a pro-US company, despite having intended all this time to outsource.)

The idea that HDRx adds $1,000 (mere intellectual property, amortized across all the units they sell) is ludicrous.

Stated more simply: RED are lying.