Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PluralEyes 1.2 for Final Cut Pro

Singular Software has released a free update to PluralEyes, their plug-in tool for automating the synchronization of multiple audio and video clips. The cool thing about it is that you don't need to use clappers or time code; it "looks" at two audio tracks and figures out how to match them up. If you're doing multi-camera (or dual-sound) recording, this can really be a god-send.

The newest release of PluralEyes adds an assortment of enhanced and brand-new workflow capabilities, including the merged clips feature, options for single output sequence and support for locked tracks. According to Bruce Sharpe, CEO, Singular Software, "Users will find syncing DSLR video and other dual-system audio workflows even easier than before."

What's New in PluralEyes 1.2 for Final Cut Pro:
  • Merged Master Clips – A powerful new feature that automates creation of merged master clips in the browser; a great starting point for the creative editing process.
  • New Project and Sequence Sync Select – Version 1.2 sports a more convenient and intuitive project and sequence sync select option.
  • Single Output Sequence – The new single output sequence option simplifies working with groups of synced clips.
  • Replace Audio – This lets you automate replacement of existing audio with higher quality audio: ideal for productions using DSLR video cameras and external high-quality audio recording device.
  • Locked Tracks Support – The new support for locked tracks makes it easier to update a previously synced sequence.
  • Integrated Help – A message-specific help system provides in-depth information on each status message.
  • Enhanced Multiclip Management – The new PluralEyes 1.2 update offers improved multiclip handling, including better support for subclips and in/out points.
  • Optimized File and Project Management – Version 1.2 also improves the management of temporary files and handling of large projects.
PluralEyes 1.2 for Final Cut Pro is available immediately through the Singular Software web site ( for an MSRP of $149.00 USD. Existing PluralEyes 1.1 for Final Cut Pro owners may download the update at no charge from:

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