Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marshall 5 inch HDMI monitor coming in two weeks

Cinema5D has a short video up about the upcoming Marshall 5-inch HDMI monitor VLCD50HDMI. This small field monitor looks like a great choice for DLSR shooters who want to use an external monitor, but don't want something too large. While there are some cheaper small monitors out there, this one looks to be more rugged, and it offers features like false color, peaking, lines and programmable buttons. It also runs on 4 AA batteries. Bernie Keach from Marshall says it's a couple of weeks away from delivery and will list at $599.
This compact LED-backlit confidence monitor offers amazing picture performance and excellent viewing angles for users simply looking for a portable, yet versatile monitoring solution. The V-LCD50-HDMI offers standard features including a wide variety of formats and markers, 4 user-configurable front panel function buttons, RGB Check Field / Field Detect, RGB gain and bias control. Major features include Marshall's industry leading FALSE COLOR and PEAKING Filters, along with Image Flip, Freeze Frame, and HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio detect.
Check out Marshall's product page for the monitor, which has visual explanations of how false color is used to check exposure, and peaking is used to check focus.

Both B & H and Adorama have it listed available for ordering; B & H says delivery in 7 to 14 days, while Adorama has no delivery information.

B & H: Marshall 5" HDMI ON CAMERA MONITOR - $517.95
Adorama: Marshall 5" Small 800 x 480 Camera-Top / Portable Field Monitor with HDMI $529

Marshall Electronics: V-LCD50-HDMI [Product Page]
Cinema5D: Photo Cine Expo 2010 Marshall 5″ Monitor


Darryl Yee said...

Adorama has them in stock. I ordered one last week and the tracking number shows scheduled delivery for wednesday. looks like a great monitor!

Michael Murie said...

Cool! Let us know what you think of it!

Darryl Yee said...

they shipped me something totally different. they're on vacation (again) and won't get back to me until next week.

Michael Murie said...

That's ahhh....disappointing. Though I must confess, I was surprised when you said they'd shipped, since the guy from Marshall had said they were still a couple of weeks away from shipping.

Hope you get it soon..

Darryl Yee said...

they said they are on vacation, but shortly after I emailed them about the problem the product page was updated to say 1-2 months for fulfillment. You will probably have a unit to review before me.

Unknown said...

Plenty in stock at EVS in Glendale.

About to shoot a video on it.

Tommy Mack

Unknown said...

NAB will surprise us with all kind of field monitor...
look at this one.