Monday, September 27, 2010

Redrock Micro Rocks Electronic View Finder for HDSLR

Redrock Micro has announced an electronic viewfinder for HDSLR's, the microEVF.

Key features of the microEVF include:
  • A full color HD viewfinder designed specifically for the compact, lightweight needs of HDSLR cameras. The microEVF weighs in at less than 8oz.
  • Ultra-high resolution display that is higher resolution than the Canon EOS cameras’ rear LCD and even the Red BOMB EVF from Red Digital Cinema.
  • LED backlight maintains bright crisp picture with minimal power consumption
  • Electronic assist features that will be announced closer to production release
  • Infinitely configurable mounting options to position the microEVF exactly where desired
  • Self-contained battery and low power consumption for a full day’s continuous viewing
  • 1,245,816 total dots resolution
  • LED backlight, low power requirements
  • Internal battery power lasts 10+ hours
  • Weight: approximately 8 ounces
The price currently being quoted is $595.

Redrock makes some great rigs, and this makes for an interesting choice compared to rigs like the Zacuto Z-Finder, which is $200 less, but is fixed optical (so not good for low and high angles.) On the other hand, the 5-inch Marshall monitor mentioned yesterday offers peaking and false color, but are not quite as useful for the camera operator and more difficult to use in bright sunlight. Don't forget that some cameras (especially the Canon 5D Mark II) don't output HD during recording, further complicating the choice of monitoring using the HDMI port (the Canon 7D doesn't send out the full 1080 image either, but it does send out an HD image.)

My one concern is that Redrock still hasn't shipped the electronic follow-focus that they announced several months ago (and which went through some price escalation after the initial announcement.) So if you're in need of either an optical viewfinder or monitor, I'm not sure I'd wait on this given that they haven't announced a shipping date yet.

Dan Chung at DSLR Shooter News has a short video clip showing the rig: REDROCK MICRO LAUNCHES THE MICROEVF FOR HDDSLR

Redrock Micro: microEVF

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