Friday, October 01, 2010

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Low-cost Filmmaking; the good and the bad
Vincent Laforet's latest blog post is an interesting one because it goes into the pros and cons of doing ultra-low budget filmmaking, and asks the question; if you make an ultra-cheap video using unpaid talent, loaned equipment, and without paying for all the time you put into it, are you hurting yourself by setting up an unrealistic expectation in clients about what things cost?
I guess that I’m suggesting that we as filmmakers be more responsible about this in general - myself included - because I hear these claims more and more often these days as the cost of technology drops. And perhaps my main point is: I’m not concerned with what we say to one another - but what we communicate to producers / clients out there when we make these claims. When they hear of these low numbers - they come to expect us to do the same for them… and the fact the we produced these things “on our own” and “with friends” all too often gets lost.
The article is good because Vincent acknowledges that he's done it himself.
VincentLaforet: FAST-CHEAP-GOOD

Speech Recognition in Premiere Pro
Chris Fenwick at One On One takes a look at the speech recognition in Premiere Pro. He also gives some examples of how good/bad it is:
OneOnOne: X2PPro 011 - Speech Recognition

F-mount and K-mount adapters for Sony NEX cameras
Cosina/Voigtlander has announced two new lens adapters for the F-mount (Nikon) and K-mount (Pentax). I've seen a K-mount adapter on eBay already from another source - I'm going to have to find my K-mount lenses and see what shape they are in...
1001Noisy Camera: Cosina/Voigtlander announces F-mount and K-mount adapters for Sony NEX cameras

Making Light Paintings Using the iPad
This is just amazing!

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