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Panasonic AG-AF100, Sony NEX-VG10 and more

Panasonic AG-AF100 News
Over at the Vimeo Sony NEX-VG10 User Group, member bunofurko wrote that he got to play with the AG-AF100 briefly last week, and noted:
Image on the live model in tele settings looked pretty much identical to me what the Sony F23 could deliver. No moire at all, and at whiplash pan test, rolling shutter FX were invisible as well.
[...] Panny technical folks told us that the camera is still in progress of being finalized, what we had tested was only about 70% full.
[...] AG-AF100 camera will come with VF, battery, charger, AC adapter. No lens, of course, unless Panny decides to throw in the stock zoom found on the DMC-GH1. However, with the proper adapter you can use just about any lens on it. However, unless there is a lens power jack on it (I am pretty sure there is none), you will not be able to use a video-style zoom lens with servo zoom, servo iris, etc. on the AG-AF100.
Vimeo Sony NEX-VG10 User Group: Sony NEX-VG10 Test Run [1080p HD] -

Sony NEX-VG10 review
Outback Photo has published a review of the NEX-VG10. They like the large sensor, LCD and EVF, handling and sound. The lens they find slow, and makes the front of the camera heavy, but they save their biggest criticism for the aliasing/moire:
We hoped that the dedicated video camera NEX-VG10 would show less moire than the NEX-5. This does not seem to be the case as this test video shows. The moire is as bad or maybe slightly worse than the Canon 7D.
All in all, there's nothing in the review that's surprising, but it makes for a good overview for those not familiar with the camera.
Outback Photo: Sony NEX-VG10 Camcorder

NEX-VG10 Backordered at
All of last week, was listing a shipping date of one day for the NEX-VG10, but now they list it at Backordered and temporarily out of stock. Amazon does list the camera in stock: Sony NEXVG10 Full HD Interchangeable Lens Camcorder (Black)

The more: Sony's Filmlike Camera
Very little is really known about the Sony "Filmlike", or 35mm cinematic-like camcorder that Sony has shown at NAB and IBC, other than it's coming sometime next year. There's so much confusion that there's been prices from 6,000 - 50,000 tossed around.

But Philip Johnston at HDWarrior thinks it's going to be lower, rather than higher, and he makes a compelling case for it; the current prototype is a curious combination of low-end and high-end features; a high-end PL mount, but "low-end" two position ND filter, 2 channel audio and even what looks like a "domestic" viewfinder. Of course, as a prototype, this might be a much earlier prototype than we're used to seeing. On the other hand, the PL mount might be illusory; it might actually be a PL mount adapter, and the camera might support other lenses; either the Alpha A-mount or even the NEX mount. Interestingly, an article at Photoclub Alpha quotes Paul Genge of Sony UK saying that the NEX (E-mount) could support a full frame sensor:
[...] it was possible to create a full frame NEX, using the same mount and the A-mount adaptor, but never the same lenses as the APS-C NEX. The mount had been designed to allow this and it might one day happen, in which case full-frame adapted Leica lenses (and so on) would be even more useful.
Yet over at NoFilmSchool, they seem to think this camera will be a RED killer, not a DSLR/AG-AF100 killer:
Listening to the rest of the chatter, it seems this camera will be targeted at the actual pro market, not the prosumer one. It’s not a DSLR-killer, it’s a RED-killer. So whereas the AF100 uses the AVCHD codec and has a Micro 4/3 sensor, the mystery Sony cam will likely have a much better codec (and it will definitely have a larger sensor).
There's some chatter, but very little information out there...

HDWarrior: Sony’s Mystery FilmLike Camcorder “Re visiting the Sony Press Picture”
Photoclub Alpha: NEX firmware update details in full
NoFilmSchool: Sony Guns for RED with Compact 35mm Mystery Cam

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