Thursday, March 04, 2010

YouTube moves toward Captioning

YouTube held a press conference yesterday and announced efforts to improve captioning for video. They have a system that will automatically create English captions using speech-to-text, that was launched back in November with a limited number of partners, but now everyone can do it!

From reading the blog it appears that producers can now use the system to add captions to their videos, and users can use it on non-captioned video too.

You can read a blog of the press conference at CNET.

UPDATE: I just went to look at my videos on YouTube, and there's a Machine Translation button (which is labelled "Request Processing (English only)" )and has the following disclaimer:
Machine Transcription is available for the videos in this Channel. To enable Machine Transcription for this video, please 'Request Processing'. We will try our best to get some results in a few days.

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