Saturday, March 06, 2010

Editing a multicamera concert shot on Canon 5Ds

ProVideoCoalition has an indepth article by Scott Simmons about editing a rock concert shot with 7 Canon 5Ds. This article goes through the whole thing, from ingesting assemble editing and color grading, to dealing with issues caused by the cameras:
Rolling shutter wasn’t much of an issue with motion. I can think of only a few shots that I wanted to use but chose not to due to the skewing in the image. The place where rolling shutter did show its face was in the still camera flashes coming from the audience. They are everywhere and instead of capturing a full frame bright white flash like the viewer is used to it captures an odd half frame of white or occasional light streak:

Here’s hoping that some over zealous quality control engineer doesn’t decide this is unacceptable for broadcast at the last minute. We did have a dub house send a master back on another 5D job claiming hits throughout the program on a live music video. Sorry, until someone creates the rolling shutter camera flash-fixer plug-in it’s either live with it or spend a lot of time in After Effects fixing it frame by frame.

ProVideoCoalition: Editing a multicamera concert shot on Canon 5Ds

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