Wednesday, March 03, 2010


There's a QA with the authors of the upcoming From Still to Motion over at Peachpit's website:
Authors: The book is targeted first and foremost at photographers. Every decision we made was with the professional or advanced amateur in mind. We didn't rehash anything they should already know about photography, rather we used that as a building block to explore what's unique about the video process. We used analogies that made sense for photographers and we also profiled 5 great photography pros who share how DSLR video is impacting their professional lives.

In Apple trying to store your video in the cloud, Greg Sandoval at CNet writes about Apple's efforts to play video from the cloud. The title is a bit miss-leading; I think they're talking about customers buying videos, but keeping them "on the cloud" to play them back (useful for iPad owners with only 16GB of memory. ) The article concerns itself with dealing with studios, and getting them to agree to this kind of arrangement; I'm not sure they are concerned about storing your own videos in the cloud.

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