Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another comparison of the T2i and 7D

Just a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend about the 7D and T2i, and I said that though I didn't regret getting the 7D (because of the better weather sealing, better construction, better focus system and viewfinder (and a few other things) if I was doing it today, I'd probably save the bucks and get the T2i.

Ron Risman at Cameratown has done some testing with the two, and when it comes to video, finds very little (practically no) difference between the them.
If the main reason you were considering the EOS 7D was for the great video capabilities of the camera and not for the photographic features, then I would definitely recommend that you to consider the Rebel T2i as an alternative. The extra $900 spent on the 7D will not give you any real noticeable benefit with regard to video quality, at least at the ISO settings you're likely to use (up to ISO 1600). Virtually all of the advanced capabilities of the 7D center around its photographic capabilities (AF performance and frame rates) and not its video differences.

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