Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Canon 7D Users unite!!!

Stu Maschwitz at ProLost has an interesting post on his blog blaming his readers (well, maybe anyone with a Canon 5D Mark II) for the Firmware update:
In the 18 months since Canon announced the Canon 5D Mark II, you’ve written, you’ve called, you’ve left comments here and on Vincent Laforet’s blog. You politely but firmly harrassed Canon personel at trade shows. Perhaps most significantly, you put your money where your mouth is and bought 7Ds, showing Canon that 24p is even better than Bokake.
Only problem is, now there's features in the 5D, that aren't in the 7D (or the T2i, but we'll worry about that some other time.)

So now it's time to start a campaign to write, call, and otherwise harass Canon until they bring these features to the 7D!:
  • histogram display for shooting movies in manual exposure, shutter-priority (Tv) and aperture-priority (Av)
  • audio levels set manually using a sound-level meter displayed on the LCD screen

You can Email from their Contact Canon page, or phone Canon at 1-800-OK-CANON

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