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Using GoPro Cameras On Live Multi-Camera Remore Broadcasts | Tom Guilmette
| Blog
Tom's been using the GoPro Hero on sporting events for broadcast television, and offers a lot of information in this blog post; from basic principles of setting the camera up, to techie details about using it in a production environment:
Talking to CBS Sports tech managers from cities all over the US, the biggest problem with these GoPros working is getting pictures back to the truck. You can only send HDSDI signals over approved coaxial cable. The cable must be rated 3.5-4.5 GHZ for serial high definition. Do not use old coax cable. Just because it passes SD analog video, does not mean it will work with HD. The cable run must be under 300 feet or you will need re-clocking repeaters to push the signal along.

10 Awesome Production Stills That Will Remind You Why You Love Filmmaking
| Evan Luzi | the Black and Blue
Just a nice collection of behind-the-scenes stills:
Over at The Black and Blue Facebook page, I held a mini-contest and asked people to submit behind the scenes production stills from movies they’ve worked on. In such a short time frame (about a week), I was pleased to see over 20 pictures posted to the page. Some were funny, some were impressive, and one was even sexy (you’ll see…).

Why You Should Maybe Not Show Actors Their Work | Michael Rabiger
| MasteringFilm
Interesting article about dealing with actors:
  • People are normally appalled to see themselves onscreen and this feeds their insecurities.
  • Anticipating the judgment of other cast members makes staying inside their own characters’ thoughts and experiences harder.

Press Release: Big-screen moviemaking comes to the iPad with Avid Studio
| Glyn Evans | iphoneography
The new iPad app from Avid:
Precision Editing Tools: Avid Studio for iPad is the only app to offer a unique combination of Storyboard and Timeline features, allowing users to arrange clips in the Storyboard, then edit like a pro with the precision of the Timeline, which offers frame-by-frame trimming capability. Avid Studio for iPad also takes full advantage of touch capabilities to offer a fun, easy yet professional level editing experience. For example, with a touch or swipe, users can easily resize and rotate a title directly from the preview window, among other functions.

WRITING: iOS Avid Studio – First impressions | J G Harding | Blog
A short first-impressions article:
It’s a good effort! It’s pretty easy to use, and if there were frame steppers all round, it’s be even easier. If we can have compatibility with EOS and other similar footage it’d be quite a coup for fast rush cutting on set, but for now I wont find a huge amount of use for it. Still, it is currently the best NLE for ios by a long mark, and there’s always the hope of updates…

Avid Studio Review by | YouTube
And if you understand German, a video showing how to use the app:

Canon C300 iris control test | paul gwilliams | Blog
Paul does a simple test showing the effect of adjusting the iris of an EF lens while recording. As he notes, it's not totally smooth, but it's a step-up from the control you have on a DSLR:
One of the important features on the new Canon C300 is the ability to adjust the iris in a smaller increment. You can still use 1/2 & 1/3 stop increments but there is also a ‘fine’ setting which gives 1/8 stop adjustment.
The iris is controlled either by an assignable rotary dial on the camera body or a rotary dial on the hand grip.

Director/Cameraman Package for Scouting Locations + Scouting Apps
| Shane Hurlbut | Hurlbut Visuals
Shane writes about location scouting for Act of Valor, offering a breakdown of his scouting gear and the iPhone apps he uses, and also explains how location scouting can quickly turn into actual production shooting:
While we were scouting in Cambodia and heading to Kampot, I looked out the window and saw a river that led to these amazing mountains that resembled Fiords. We jumped out just as a long skinny boat was heading up river. We whipped out the Panavision 35mm Primo and slapped in on the Tripod and tilted up with the boat to reveal the mountains where our terrorist would be running his training camp. Go it. Let’s continue scouting.

Cover Story: 'Act of Valor' | Daniel Restuccio | Post Magazine
An article on the actual production of Act of Valor:
For production on Act of Valor, Hurlbut and Bandito spec’d out a truck load of location gear that included 15 Canon 5D Mark II cameras, an HP DreamColor LP2480zx monitor, a Panaflex Platinum and a Panavised Arri 235 and 435, as well as multiple Arri 3 crash cameras and a Sony HDC-950 for aerial photography. They shot on Kodak 5219 for night exteriors, 5207 for interior day and 5201 for day exteriors. Hurlbut’s assembled a guerrilla lighting package of “Home Depot practicals,” rounded out with some traditional tungsten PARs, Kino Flos and a small HMI package.

Facebook Page | NotesOnVideo
I've created a Facebook page as an experiment for those that want a reminder about new posts here on the blog. Let me know if this is useful to you.

The Live Event Filmmaker’s Survival Guide – Part 1 | Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
Ron tells a story about dealing with people - and changing events - in stressful situations:
I should note that I’m being playful when teasing Mr. Smiley. I understand the pressure audio guys are under in such an event. And less I be hypocritical, not a half hour later I was my own version of a “Mr. Smiley”. I was setting up a very cool, low angle slider reveal shot and right in the middle one of the photographers came up to say hi. I actually know this person, and although I smiled and was friendly, I did do my own version of a Mr. Smiley and basically said, “Don’t bother me right now.”

Sourlands | Kickstarter
Sourlands, a documentary about "The Sourlands," NJ, just made it's funding goal on Kickstarter. Congratulations to director Jared Flesher. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished movie. You can read more about it at the Sourlands website.

5D X or Mark III Specs & Release Date? [CR1] | Canonrumors
The 5D Mark III rumors just keep on coming. If - or when - it is announced, it will be interesting to see what the reaction is like. Are DSLR's just so 2010?

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