Saturday, February 04, 2012

F65 Remote

Sony has released the F65Remote iOS ap.

F65Remote is an application for remote control of SONY’s digital motion picture camera F65 via a Wi-Fi network.

Supported Cameras
F65 Series

Main Features
  • Control: This screen emulates the inside panel of camera*1.
  • Menu: All camera settings except for network can be performed. Help function allows you to read a help text of each menu items while setting.
  • Output Signal Map: Specialized menu screen for setting VF and SDI-OUT enables you to operate intuitively.
  • Manual: You can read a F65 operation manual*2.

*1: Following features are not supported yet by Version V1.0.
  • Assignable switch On/Off
  • Rec button On/Off
  • Display some status items
*2: iBooks application is needed to be installed beforehand.

Other Features
  • Offline Mode: The menu settings can be performed without establishing a network connection and you can select to set them all at once when connecting to the camera.
  • Panel Active: This function always enables one iPad for one camera to prevent unintentional operation. Other iPad that does not have the panel active permission can only display camera status.
It's free.

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