Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Advanced Tips for FCP X | T. Payton | Creative COW
A very interesting short video tutorial demonstrating how you can edit in Final Cut Pro X while the program is playing back the production.

Final Cut Pro Tutorial pt. 22 - Sound Corrections / Enhancement | Dan Allen
| YouTube
Another in Dan's series of Final Cut Pro X tutorials:
In this HD Voice Tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro 10 we learn how to use the built in sound manipulation tools to perform basic correction as well as enhancing the sound and performing the simple tasks such as removing hum or background noise as well as levelling and equalising sound to get a great vocal / voiceover dynamic, using the built in tools of Final Cut 10. We are using these tools to clean up and correct or improve your raw audio recordings.

DaVinci Resolve | Oliver Peters | digitalfilms
Oliver reviews the latest release of Resolve, while also providing information about hardware requirements and GPU cards it works with:
New features added to Resolve include multi-layered timelines, FCP XML support for FCP X and a color wheels panel. In Resolve 7, timelines were a flattened, single-layer video track. If your FCP or Avid sequence consists of several video tracks, those will now show up as corresponding layers in the Resolve timeline. The new color wheels tab makes the interface more consistent with conventional color correction interface design.

Rolling shutter comparison test | PETERP | Too Much Imagination
A comparison of Rolling Shutter effect no different cameras. However, as he writes, the results may be suspect because the cameras were located at different distances from the center of rotation of the rig they were mounted on:
You can probably see that as I was turning (rotating) the rig, the cameras moved with different speeds. The ones closer to the center of the rig moved slower and ones on the edge moved faster, but the angular velocity was the same for all bodies. I am no physicist so I can’t tell you if that was influencing the strength of rolling shutter jello effect. If it has it is important to notice that Nikon 3Ds and Canon EOS 550D were moving the fastest, than Nikon D300s with Canon EOS 7D and cameras closest to the center, Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and Canon EOS 5D Mark II, had the best conditions i.e. the least movement.

It’s All About Presentation | Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
If you're sending out your reel - or your movie - on DVD's, this post is worth reading:
Presentation extends to the box you ship them in too. If possible, try to find a box that is a little more exciting than USPS. And add something to the box to make the experience special. I used to add movie-treats like Raisinettes and M&Ms. I know some videographers who include gourmet popcorn. If you want to really wow them, throw in a Starbucks card. In fact, we would send a Starbucks card in a thank you note to every client when they hired us. A $15 to $20 gift card is a small price to pay to build a premium brand when a client is paying you $5,000 or more. This works better with wedding clients though.

RED Epic Rental Questions Answered | Dave Dugdale | Learning DSLR Video
The second part of a series, Dave interviews James Drake of about RED Epic rentals:
Who rents a RED Epic?
Time to test and get comfortable before shooting for the first time?
What type of projects are shot on the RED?
Lenses to rent?
Rent vs. own?
Other benefits

Scarlet X issues, input, experiences, please share | Jeffrey Loewe | REDUser
A series or problems with lenses and the camera; though he does wonder if the mount might be faulty:
While working in camera multiple times the camera would appear as if it were shooting in a lower frame rate and would show a drag, and stutter and choppiness in all frames. Powering camera down and back up would not fix every time. Checked frame rates, they were set correctly.

[...]Overall It felt like an uphill battle all day. I really feel like this is circumstantial as I haven't read any of these issues elsewhere....just reaching out since RED support is out for the weekend.

Red Gunner Handheld System Review | Tonaci Tran | Blog
A shoulder rig for RED cameras:
In about 90% of the Red Epic/Scarlet handheld rig photos I have seen, the LCD and EVF never seemed to be mounted in the right place. Using the Accessory Attachment Bracket (which can be used for the LCD/EVF) + Swat Rail Clamp and/or the Spinner, you can achieve perfect placement of the EVF or LCD right on the gunner.

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