Monday, January 30, 2012

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Canon EOS Cinema C300 Anatomy | CVP Blog
The CVP Blog takes stills of the Canon C300 and calls out the various features.

4K – The big picture… | CVP Blog
A look at what 4K is, and cameras that can do it:
What about 4K television? If we bear in mind that it’s getting on for 40 years since the pioneering days of HDTV in the mid 1970′s, it is perhaps surprising that even today not all content is produced in HD and even if it were, not everyone can view HD in their home because the roll-out of HD television remains far from complete – I’d therefore expect that whilst there will be an inexorable move towards the adoption of 4K it’s going to be quite a while before we’re sitting down to eat our TV dinners watching Coronation Street or Eastenders in glorious 4K!

Nikon D4 Hands-On | Eric Reagan | Photography Bay
Eric spent a "few minutes" with the Nikon D4 at CES 2012 and offers these thoughts:
Of course, low light ISO performance has taken the limelight in recent years when comparing cameras head-to-head. And, if early sample images out of the gate are anything to go by, it looks like the Nikon D4 is set to carry on the tradition of the low light king amongst DSLRs. Frankly though, I think the D4 and 1D X are going to be close to splitting hairs again (as was the case with the Nikon D3s and Canon 1D Mark IV . . .

Cameras to capture a road trip | Rory Cellan-Jones | BBC
Driving from San Francisco to Las Vegas using GoPro's to document it:
And producer Jonathan Sumberg, who also doubles up as a cameraman, had with him a Sony EX1 - a smaller broadcast-quality camera - and two GoPros. These tiny and relatively cheap devices have revolutionised the filming of action sequences - you just clamp them to a bike, a car, or even a surfboard, press the button and hope you capture something exciting.

Round-Trip Workflows: Post Workflows From and To Final Cut Pro X
| Oliver Peters |
XML export from Final Cut Pro X, with notes on how it differs from FCP7:
The underlying editing structure of Final Cut Pro 7 is based on the relationship of clips against time and tracks. FCP X links one object to another in a trackless parent-child connection, so there is no easy and direct translation of complex projects between the two versions.

Manage Client Expectations: Storyboard | Kelly Conlin | Nice Lady Production
Thoughts and tips on storyboarding:
As much as I can, I take my camera out with me and scout the setting prior to storyboarding or filming begins. The photos I take help me decide on framing, lighting and camera placement before shooting day. They also help solidify what I will be designing in my storyboard.

Canon EOS 7D Custom Picture Styles Test | Alexandros Maragos | Momentum Blog
A look at three Picture Styles with the Canon 7D:
The 3 most popular are Neil Stubbings' Superflat, Marvels Cine Gamma & sumitagarwals Kodachrome.
So, which is the right Style in order to achive the desired "Film Look"?
One thing is for sure: If you want color control in post, you have to be flat, really flat.

Film As We Know It | Scott Jordan Harris | movieScope
A strong defense of 3D movies:
The complaints against retrofitted 3D are right: it is an abomination akin to the colourisation of black-and-white films. But, again, if 3D filmmaking becomes more commonplace, retrofitting will quickly become unnecessary and unprofitable. The argument that 3D makes film into a fairground attraction is nonsense; it has always been one. From the first freakish appeal of witnessing images appear to move on screen, to the wonder of seeing astonishingly sophisticated 21st century CGI, the marvel of new technology has always been one of cinema’s chief attractions.

Working with 3D Objects in Photoshop and After Effects | Richard Harrington
| Blog
A video tutorial demonstrating how to import and manipulate 3D objects in Adobe Creative Suite apps.

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