Saturday, December 10, 2011

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Canon EOS C300 – Review & short film | Nino Leitner | Blog
Mario Feil and Nino Leitner got to spend a weekend with the Canon C300, and they've posted the video, and Nino has written about the experience very extensively:
...from the first time you hold in your hands you realise here is a camera company who actually talked a lot to filmmakers when designing it and that resulted in a very natural and ergonomic device. (E.g.: take only the fact that there are 4 record buttons on this small camera body, and a lot of assignable buttons for all sorts of functions …)
The video is here: 13:59 | Mario Feil | Vimeo

Why I love the RED Epic and why I don’t have one anymore | Philip Bloom | Blog
A few days ago Philip tweeted that he'd gotten rid of his Red EPIC, but he didn't go into the details. Yet clearly there was some story there, and now he's been prodded into explaining what happened; instability, fan boys and poor customer relations drove him away:
This person [at RED] said me talking about the issues I had with the camera (completely ignoring all the wonderful complements I had given the camera too!) was against our “agreement”. He said when I got the camera early it was on the agreement that I would not talk about it’s issues. This was not the case. First off…I didn’t get the camera early, I got it when the website said “Buy today, shoot tomorrow”. The Epic M was in stock and it took 3 months for me to get my bits for it.

Filmmaker interview: Gami Orbegoso (creator of Musgo) | Art of the Story
Interview with a filmmaker that made his feature movie in seven days for $4,700 using the Panasonic GH2. Note the use of a string to keep focus distance!
What settings/picture style did you use for most of the production? Did you keep the ISO levels below a certain number?
Record it, in preset smooth (all -2), don`t pass level 800iso accompanied with lens tokina 11-16mmm 2.8, Nikkor 28mm 2.8, Nikkor 50mm 1.4 and the old (hacked) patch 42 mbps. Apart from these tools seek to maximize natural light.

Transcribing a Video | Twitter
Paul Antico offered this tip for transcribing videos:
Need to transcribe a video? Put on headphones, use Dragon Dictate and speak the dialog into a document. Goes much faster

GH3 around corner at CES? | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
It must be coming at some point:
They told me that the don’t have it and they are not going to order it because the GH2 is end of line. The salesman showed me the stocklist and pointed at the little ‘U’ behind the GH2 and that means end of line. Not possible to order again. And this shop has only left over stock.”

The Photography Tips That 96 Photographers Wish They Would've Learned Sooner | Jim Harmer | Improve Photography
Tips that are applicable to video as well:
Lesson #12: A $15 reflector will do more to improve your photography than a $2,000 portrait lens
I read this comment by Krista Barton DeVries on our Facebook fan page and I knew this one had to be included in the article. Lighting… is…. everything! I’m amazed at the number of photographers that invest in a $2,500 70-200mm f/2.8 lens before even buying a simple lighting kit for $120.

Learning to Love Final Cut Pro X | Scott Strimple | OnlineVideo
Admitting that he initially wasn't impressed by Final Cut Pro X, Scott went back and took another look and decided it's not so bad:
It’s unfortunate that Apple didn’t communicate more clearly to its customer base that this was, in fact, a v. 1 product based on completely new technology with the intent of once again revolutionizing the way we tell stories through editing. Thankfully, those of us not quite ready to take the leap into an entirely new editing paradigm — or reluctant to suffer through the growing pains of a new editor — can still take advantage of FCP7, Premiere Pro, and MediaComposer while we sit back and watch how FCPX matures over the next couple of years.

Sneak Peek The New Scarlet At Red Studios Hollywood | Wide Open Camera
| YouTube
A short video showing a Red Scarlet being used on set. That's it; nothing else!

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