Friday, December 09, 2011

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FDTimes December Issue 45 Ready | Film & Digital Times
The December issue of Film & Digital Times is now available and covers:
Cover Story: Canon’s new Cinema EOS System and C300 35mm Camera
ZEISS Compact Primes, Compact Zoom, Anamorphic Lenses
The Math of 4:3 and 16:9 Anamorphic Cinematography
ARRI Alexa Studio
and a whole lot more...

Photoshop Hidden Gem: Editing Video in Photoshop CS5 Extended | YouTube
A short introduction to using Photoshop to manipulate video.
Get creative with your digital video using the Motion workspace in Photoshop CS5 Extended. Make basic adjustments to color balance, tone, curves, and more. Or experiment with one-of-a-kind video-editing features including lens corrections and the ability to apply stunning, hardware-accelerated effects filters with the Pixel Bender plug-in.

Logic Pro and MainStage come to Mac App Store | Christopher Breen | MacWorld
Apple is now selling Logic Pro through the Mac App Store, and it's now priced at $199. BUT, this is not a new release:
This version contains a few bug fixes, but no new features. (All the expected Logic Pro features are there including guitar amps and stompbox effects and Flex Time editing.)

SPMD, Screenplain and Marked | Librador
Converting plain text into script format; for those that don't want to use Adobe Story(!):
It’s about time I tell you about one project that I’ve been working on from time to time for the last months. It’s called Screenplain, and its purpose in life is to take an input file in a simple text format and output a properly formatted screenplay.
See also: Prolost | Screenplay Markdown Lives!

Tools of the Trade, Part 4 | Clinton Harn | Zacuto
Clinton has been producing a series for Zacuto on sound recording. In this video episode he provides techniques for capturing clean audio in car scenes [Cool Starship Enterprise model in the background! -Ed]
Mounting and suspension devices are crucial. If you remember the P.I.C.S.S acronym from the first article, I mentioned the importance of isolation and consistency. These properties can be achieved by ensuring that you research and find mounting systems that support your microphones very well.

Attended a test with @SonyPictures F65 4K camera ... vs other top cameras. The camera is quite impressive. When I can share more I will
- @vincentlaforet

podcast #63 Jonathan Yi – Canon EOS C300 test guy – is online | Planet5D
Jonathan Yi was interviewed on the Planet5D podcast this week. You can watch the recorded version online now.

DSLR Camera Slider - how to add a motor | David Sawyer | Vimeo
David has added a motor to his Igus slider and demos how in this video.

ZEISS Releasing Compact Lightweight Set of Anamorphic Prime Lenses | Cinescopophilia
Zeiss is dropping big hints about anamorphic lenses it plans to release at the next NAB.

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