Thursday, December 08, 2011

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The Music Licensing Chickens Have Come Home to Roost in Wedding and Event Videography | Ran Dawson | Dare Dreamer
An interview with Joe Simon who got sued after a wedding video he made using copyrighted music came to the attention of the music label:
But the letter that came through and they wanted a lot of money for damages, to the tune of $150,000 for one song. If that didn’t scare you straight I don’t know what would. I spent the next month or so going back in forth with the label to reach a settlement, it was a huge stress on my business and my life and I would never wish this on anyone else. I can’t say what we settled for but it looked like this $XX,XXX, which is a LOT of money for a small business.

AE I Owe U: 10 Basic Ways ‘After Effects’ Saves Editor’s Lives pt. 1 | Eric Wise | Splice Vine
First explaining that it took a long time to become comfortable with After Effects, Eric gives the reasons why a video editor should be using After Effects:
3. BETTER KEYING – Keying was never great in FCP 7 and only slightly better in Avid Media Composer. You know if you want to pull a decent key, you’re going to have to use a 3rd party keyer like DV Matte Pro or Shake (R.I.P.). Of course, if you’re trying to master the art of keying check out Jeff Foster’s, The Green Screen Handbook. Using Keylight, the native keyer in After Effects, you can get excellent results without leaving the app.

Render Engines and the Joy of LEGAL obligations – Part 2 | Steve Forde | Adobe Blogs
Adobe limited the number of machines the AE Render Engine could be installed on with the 5.5 release. Steve explains a bit more why, and hints that they are working to change this:
First off – this decision was not made while we chomp our cigars with feet on desk counting cash. It was a legal requirement that came in at the 11th hour of CS 5.5 for which we had no capability to rectify in the timeframe (and still have reliable / stable software). It’s that simple. No conspiracy. No cash grab. Simply making sure we are playing by the rules and not breaking the law.

Why DSLR Cameras Are DA BOMB | Anthony | Down And Dirty DV
An excerpt from The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide:
1. You Can’t Beat the Image Quality for the Price
As of the moment I’m writing this, you simply cannot beat the superior image quality of DSLR cameras for the entry-level price of less than $3,000. For a fraction of the cost, you can shoot images on a chip that is more than 10 times the size of dedicated video cameras that cost triple the price.

Setting Up Your Channel For The New YouTube Design - Reel Web Creator Tip #16 | Tim Schmoyer | ReelSEO
How to take advantage of the new YouTube design:
YouTube's new design changes gives a lot of new options for content creators who run their own channels. In this week's episode of Creator's Tip, we show you video producers some of the changes behind the scenes of our ReelSEO YouTube channel and some of the implications they hold for how we adjust our strategy for engaging with our audience and how we present our content.

The Brand of YOU | Ron Dawson | Planet5D
On a related note, an article on building your brand:
And here’s the most important thing you should know about a brand. It’s NOT what YOU say it is. A brand is what other people think of you. You can do what you can to influence it. But ultimately, your brand will be what others think.

Kickstarter Rolls Out Very Helpful Analytics for Project Creators | Ryan Koo
| No Film School
Kickstarter now offers better analytics:
One of the main things I found myself wondering during my campaign: which is a more effective platform for spreading the word, Facebook or Twitter? According to the newly available statistics on my project, Twitter narrowly came out on top with $8,412 raised via tweets versus $7,059 via Facebook status updates/likes/shares.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Editor in Your Life | Scott Simmons
| ProVideoCoalition
Scott shares his Christmas list, with everything from cameras to clocks:
Solid State Hard Drive
A speedy solid state hard drive is high on my list to replace the spinning one in my Mac Pro. Everyone who uses one says the performance gains for things like boot time, application launching and general os operation is amazing. They’re not cheap but saving time is saving money.

Best DSLR Lens Holiday Guide | Photo-John | Photography Review
This is more a list of categories, and lenses that are in that category:
Standard zoom lenses (24-70mm for full-frame cameras and 18-55mm for APS-C sensor cameras) do have a wide end but it’s not *that* wide. True wide-angle fans want much shorter focal lengths. The 16-35mm f/2.8 zoom is the standard super-wide for pros with full-frame cameras and you can now get comparable zooms made for APS-C cameras – 10-20mm, 11-16mm, 12-24mm.

Software Review: Tiffen Dfx 3 | Jason Odell | Luminescence of Nature
A review of Tiffen's software filter suite which runs in video editing apps Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro
Tiffen’s Dfx 3 is a full-featured image editing suite designed for intermediate to advanced users. It contains a huge range of traditional glass filter and film/darkroom effects, as well as controls for basic image adjustments. Overall, I found many of the control sliders quite complex, but their complexity was offset by a tremendous number of useful filter presets.

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