Tuesday, December 06, 2011

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How Adobe Production Premium CS 5.5 handled the cutting edge demands of Vincent Laforet's short film Möbius | Adobe
Jon Carr, Producer/Editor for Laforet Visuals is featured in this free online webinar this Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 10:00am Pacific Time
Adobe Production Premium CS 5.5 plays a crucial role at Laforet Visuals. On the short film Möbius, CS 5.5 provided the tools and versatility to easily handle this cutting edge production. In this Webinar Laforet Visuals producer and editor Jon Carr will discuss how they utilized Story, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop to successfully create and deliver Vincent Laforet's latest film, Möbius.

Jonathan Yi Talks About The Canon C300 | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Last week I interviewed Jonathan Yi, who shot the video "Canon EOS C300 = Awesome." You can read the interview at Filmmaker Magazine's website:
I came back with this video and I thought it was hilarious. They got all excited because I was excited, and we went to the screening room and we played it back and it was just dead silence in the room. They had the big bosses from Japan there and they were already very nervous about the reception of the C300 as it was, and there was just not a peep in the room.

Will Canon's concept camera be the long-awaited EOS 5D Mark III? | Olivier Laurent | British Journal of Photography
A look at Canon's announcements, and what might be coming:
Will 4K become an integral part of the future of the Cinema EOS system? This remains to be seen, says Canon. "We will listen to the marketplace and that will ultimately drive our product strategy," says Owen. "We have announced that there will be a 4K model coming in the future, because, obviously, there's a lot of clamour for 4K within the industry - whether that filters down to the end user at the moment is obviously another story..."

Hands on with the Canon C300 | The Photographic World of Drew Gardner
Drew offers his thoughts after handling the camera at an event:
One curious quirk of the C300 is the front 'toe' on the base. Initially it did get in the way, as you can see. But after a sustained period of handling, it did not bother me.

The toe can cause problems with some follow focus set ups apparently with certain lenses, but Canon had the foresight to let makers of after market accessories loose on the camera before launch. (Please note other manufacturers they did this and the world did not come to end...)

A Bit About the 5D Mark III? [CR1] | CanonRumors
Meanwhile, separate rumors about the 5D Mark III:
Two different pieces of information put the camera above 30mp. I get the idea there is more than one sensor being put through the paces. It will not have a pro AF system. It was suggested by one person that the AF will actually be a lesser version of the 7D autofocus system.
There's also some rumors about a Ti4: Canon EOS Rebel T4i [CR2]

Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar' | Randi Altman | Post
An interview with Joel Cox who edited Clint Eastwood's latest film:
“J. Edgar was shot in town, except the last week was done in Washington. When they were shooting on set he’d be here everyday and look at what we cut the day before. We were really right on top of the camera. When he finished shooting, Clint went home to Carmel, and we packed up the Media Composer and went as well to make his changes. We added some music and then returned to the studio to watch the film in a theatre. Then we started massaging and molding the final feeling of the film, adding more music at the same time. The music is sparse; Clint believes music should be a supporter of the film, not a character in the film.”

The Death of Television May Be Just 5 Years Away | Jim Edwards | Business Insider
Hmmm...I've actually been thinking of getting rid of cable TV...
Traditional TV penetration in the U.S. is still high, at 83.2 percent (down from 84.1 last year). But the fact that Anninger sees a secular decline in TV in the future, unlinked from cyclical recessionary belt-tightening, forces a question for advertisers and other Big Media folk: How long can TV last in the face of iPads, internet TV, web video and other wireless video sources?

What You Need to Know about Copyright | Russell Evans | Mastering Film
I'm not sure this is everything, but it touches a lot of the important ideas:
The web is affecting copyright. Lawyers will still freak out if you use music or clips without asking, but there’s no doubt it is shifting. Due to Bit Torrent, the idea of ownership is evolving into the idea that copyright is about “managing exposure.” Hollywood writers saw this coming when they got rights over downloaded clips of their TV work online.

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