Monday, December 05, 2011

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Canon C300
Mario Feil and Nino Leitner got to spend the weekend shooting with the Canon C300, and posted some comments and images:
NinoLeitner tweeted:
After shooting w/ the Canon C300 for 2 long days I doubt that I ever want to shoot video w/ a current Canon DSLR again. It's that good!
Mario Feil posted these two pictures of the Sony PMW-F3, Canon C300 and Sony NEX-FS100.
Sony PMW-F3, C300 and NEX-FS100 group picture
Sony PMW-F3, C300 and NEX-FS100 on table

Review Of The Glidetrack MobiSlyder For The IPhone And Interchangeable Lens Cameras | Ron Risman | Cameratown
I think this is the first review posted of the MobiSlyder, and it's somewhat mixed:
The MobiSlyder at this point seems to be a good idea with poor execution. The track itself makes for a solid platform for which to build a decent slider, now we just have to convince Glidetrack to beef up carriage and ball head to make this a potentially useful tool for compact camera filmmaking.

Transitions in FCP X | Ken Stone | Blog
Everything you wanted to know about transitions in Final Cut Pro X:
When using 'Available Media', you must have a minimum handle of 2 frames each for the outgoing and incoming clips (talk about a very short transition). If you have no handles or handles shorter than 2 frames, when you apply a transition, you will receive a warning dialog box telling you that there is not enough media to create the transition. You can choose to 'Create Full Overlap', which will then draw the media for the transition from the head of the incoming clip.

Time Lapse Tutorials | Dynamic Perceptions
Dynamic Perceptions has posted a collection of videos on creating motion time lapses:
This hands-on video shows how to create Shoot Move Shoot (also know as Interleave) time-lapses using the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 DollyEngine.

Comparison of video editing software | Wikipedia
Who knew there were so many video editing applications out there? Wikipedia has a series of tables comparing features of the different apps.

Thailand Flood Update: It May Be Longer Than We Thought | OWC Blog
There could be hard drive shortages through the end of 2012:
Even once the waters recede, drive industry experts are saying it could take a year for these component manufacturers to replace their machinery, and many may have to relocate as well. Some companies, like Nidec, aren’t waiting for the waters to recede and have sent divers in to unbolt and retrieve equipment. Others, like suspension arm maker Hutchinson Technology, still has $50 million worth of specialty manufacturing equipment bolted to their now-submerged factory floor.

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