Sunday, December 04, 2011

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Canon C300 first look review | Paul Joy | Blog
Paul writes up his thoughts on the C300 after seeing it at a recent event in London.
I wanted to find out what the focus and exposure aids were like on the C300, especially the peaking and zebra functions as I use those a lot on the EX1. After delving into the menus a little we found that much like the EX1 you could define the settings for two sets of Zebra’s and have either or both active. Peaking was also present and highly configurable, actually more so than the EX1 as it allows for two peaking settings, each individually configurable.

Turn on the lights! #C300 | Mario Feil | Twitvid
Mario is shooting video with a C300 and has tweeted a bit about it, including this comment:
did a test shoot (high ISO) with 1D and C300 side b side. C300 is clear winner in terms of grain structure. Much more pleasant
And a video (above) which I think he shot with his iPhone, showing how the iPhone sees practically nothing, but the C300 (looking through the viewfinder) is so good that "More lowlight would be night vision..."

Happy birthday, Apple QuickTime | Tony Smith | RegHardware
Is it really 20 years since QuickTime was released? I guess it must be!
Apple released the software on 2 December 1991, and made it possible for computers to show video clips with synchronised sound out of the box. QuickTime 1.0 was first made available on a third-party CD-Rom, From Alice to Ocean a book-on-disk about a journey across Australia.

UWR Week 42 - Build a Kino Flo style light for $100 in 3 hours | Realm Pictures
| Vimeo
This video tutorial shows you how to build a kino-flo style fluorescent soft light for under $100 in three hours! They also offer plans for: through to our kickstarter page where for a $50 donation we will send you the plans to build the all-singing-all-dancing LED kino-killer that is dimmable, battery powered, flicker free and BRIGHTER!

Get Lit: The LED Lights We Travel With | Chris Collins | Wide Open Camera
A look at different portable lighting options:
When we travel we do it light! We carry on everything, and lights go in the camera bag. We started using the Lite Panel Micro Pro a few years ago and have since moved on to the Ikan 312 and Switronix Torch LED lights. I took 2 Ikan 312s to Sengal, Africa while shooting La Promese, and they turned out to be life savers

Ikan at the GV Expo | Ruscher Visuals
New lights from Ikan:
Ikan was the booth I wanted to see first, and I’m glad I did. They got a lot of cool things going on in Houston, including two prototype lights they brought with them to DC for the GV Expo. The first light shown on the video is the ID 1500. This thing kicks some serious (insert your choice of word here). My first thought was an LED version of Kino Flo.

YouTube's Radical Redesign Positions Google To Be Your New TV | Kit Eaton
| Fast Company
YouTube changes it's appearance and organization:
By banishing the chaotic, eclectic colors, segments and detail of the previous design, and making it easier to stay on video topic as well as keeping up with video recommendations from your social network, it's trying to keep viewers on the page for longer. The experience is simply more pleasant and easier to navigate. That's also the job of the new psuedo news-feed segment on the home page--a window that contains content, social activity info, and so on.

Peter Jackson’s New Hobbit Video Blog – 3D, 48fps, Raw Footage And More
| Brendon Connelly | Bleeding Cool
Peter Jackson has been posting the occasional video blog about the upcoming movie. As Brendon notes, the latest covers 48 fps:
The people who have seen scenes of The Hobbit at 48 frames per second say that it’s like the back of the cinema has had a hole cut out of it where the screen is and you’re actually looking into the real world.

Juke-Bot Automatically Generates Music to Match Your Video Creations:
| Cinescopophilia
Who needs editors, or musicians?!
Juke-Bot is a revolutionary software that allows you to automatically generates high quality music synchronized to any kind of creative content. Juke-bot uses state-of-the-art analysis to detect what kind of music fits the most to your project.

Compelling Characters | Jill Remensnyder | Zacuto
Writing a script? Important things to think about:
I highly recommend you take the same detailed approach to your antagonist as well. You might discover that the character you thought was absolutely corrupt or evil has their good points, too. What was it that made them a bad guy? Maybe a childhood event or a loving relationship that turned cold? Keep in mind, for as much opposition your antagonist causes your hero, they’re convinced they’re doing the right thing and your hero is the one complicating matters. These two characters are going to fight vehemently for what they believe is right.

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