Saturday, September 10, 2011

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AJA Ki Pro Mini To Support Avid DNxHD Video Codec | AJA
The Ki Pro Mini Solid State Recorder [B&H:$1,995] currently supports Apple's ProRes codec, but AJA has now announced they are working on supporting Avid's DNxHD Video Codec. [Should be useful for all those Final Cut users switching to Avid!]
AJA is working jointly with Avid(R) to build support for the Avid DNxHD(R) video codec into Ki Pro Mini, enabling further production efficiencies to Avid Media Composer(R). Support for the Avid DNxHD codec will be available Q4 2011 via a free downloadable firmware upgrade.

Contour’s ‘Waterproof’ Sports Camcorder for Swimmers, Not Divers | Charlie Sorrel | Wired
Contour has introduced a water-proofed version of their little "hands-free" camcorder, it's called the ContourROAM, and it's listing for $199. It'll be good for depths up to one meter. ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder[Anmazon]
CountorROAM Product Page

Lake Worth: After Irene (iphone 4 & EnCinema) | \\Vid-Atlantic Media Prod plus | Vimeo
If they hadn't told you, would you have guessed this was shot on an iPhone?! The video was shot using an iPhone4 and the EnCinema SLR Lens Adapter Kit with Tair 11A 135mm f2.8 and Iscorama 36 1.5x Anamorphic lenses. actually reading the product page, while you can use it with the iPhone, it's seems really intended for slightly larger consumer video cameras:
Q) Is my Camera Compatible?
A) Your Camera will work if it has front filter threads with a 30mm to 49mm diameter. The Canon HF S and HF M series cameras also work.
Other compatible cameras are the Canon HF, HV, HF M, Sony, Panasonic, JVC and many more!

Q) Will the Adapter work with my iPhone?
A) Yes, If you have the Owle Bubo, Our adapter will work. You will need additional macro filters that we provide when ordering the kit for
the Owle. Please go here to order the EnCinema SLR Lens Adapter kit for iPhone
So it appears to be a budget Letus35 adapter?

Quick Take. D|Matte 4×4 Clip On Matte Box. $250 | Misa Garcia
| Wide Open Camera
Very quick overview video of the new D|Matte. It seems you can stand on it.

CINEMA Picture Style | cinePlus
The CINEMA Picture Style for Canon DSLR's is now available for $19. Features:
  • Great perceived latitude, but with a nice contrasty image
  • Keeps details on shadows and highlights while remaining quite contrasted.
  • Vivid colors on low saturated areas, no greysh or monochromatic casts
  • Analog like colors on high saturated areas
  • Film colorimetry

Adobe and Avid are reaping the benefits of Final Cut Pro converts
| Ashley Kennedy |
Both Adobe and Aviod are happy about increased Mac sales after they dropped their prices by half...

RED Drops EPIC-S from Roadmap | Ryan Koo | No Film School
I don't keep up with the RED models closely, but it seems that something went missing from the Roadmap they announced the other day.

THX Introduces Room Certification For Critical Viewing Rooms
Got Ca$h? The THX critical viewing Room Certification will "assure content producers that specific facilities—regardless of size or location—are capable of providing consistent quality for the most accurate performance, equivalent to the best in Hollywood."

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