Sunday, September 04, 2011

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24p or 25p video myth buster | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Here in the 'Staes, where TV is 60i (or 30p) there's a big visual difference between 30p and 24p, so whether you shoot in one or the other is a conscious choice worth considering. In the UK it's a bit different, since TV is 50i, so video cameras often support 25p and 24p (instead of 30p and 24p).

Philip argues that the visual difference between 25p and 24p are negligible, and you should never shoot in 24p instead of 25p (unless you are going to film.)

Moviestick Review | Northern Banana Republic
A review, with sample videos, of a small monopod called Moviestick made by a Munich company. It uses a belt for extra support:
For my work as a multimedia-journalist the Moviestick is a great camera support. It is versatile and lightweight but you will need some practice to get the best results with it.

Sound Perspectives 101 | Clinton Harn | Zacuto
A post about sound design that's worth reading:
1) What is sound and how does it travel and behave?
2) What are acoustics and how do they affect recording in pre and post?
3) What is signal flow, headroom, and dynamic range?
4) Audio structure in both the digital and analog domain
5) 3 Basic building blocks of sound manipulation and processing
6) Proximity effect (i.e., microphones, speakers)
7) Sample rates and bit depths

DSLR Creative Suite Workflow Part 1 | Richard Harrington
Richard Harrington is an author, trainer and video producer, and he's just posted several tutorials and videos to his website and Vimeo, including the above, as well as:

How I Used My IPhone & IPad On A Disney Short (A.k.a. Blatant Self Promotion) | Taz Goldstein | Hand Held Hollywood
Taz explains how he used several iPhone/iPad apps on a recent shoot:
I used my iPhone to keep my shot list handly in Bento, to pre-visualize camera moves with Storyboard Composer, and as a virtual viewfinder with Artemis. I also used it when running lines with the actors. My iPad, however, was the real lifesaver on this production. I used OmniGraffle for iPad to construct all my overhead blocking diagrams (TouchDraw is a nice alternative).

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