Tuesday, September 06, 2011

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Sony F3 - sLog Testing | Timur Civan
A blog post covering experiments with the Sony PMW-F3 and the S-Log firmware update. The test was conducted to see how S-Log should be used, treated in post, and differences to 709 standard Gammas:
OK, So here's the skinny. You have to expose just as carefully as you would with any other medium. The sLog w/ Offboard capture gives you incredible room to adjust and manipulate later, however like every camera, the closer you get to perfect in camera, exposure wise, the more Oomph your image will have after delogging. That said, 10bit 422 ( and especially 444 capture) gives you and INSANE amount of room to fudge.

More EF & PL Video Rumors Surface | CanonRumors
CanonRumors reprise's their rumor from last week of an EF or PL mount large-sensor videocamera. The previous rumors suggested that a camera was coming with one or the other mount, but now the rumor has evolved into two cameras; a low-end EF mount version and a high-end PL mount version. The EF version "looks to be 'affordable'" but as they say:
Take any rumor of an EF mount video camera with a large grain of salt. This is a product that does not exist yet and has a potential to be a wishlist product.

Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter | Connect Online Store
It looks like the Thunderbolt peripherals are finally appearing. Sonnet's ExpressCard/34 2.0 adapter is expected to ship in October, and they are taking pre-orders for $149.95.

ARCHRIG Slashes the Price of their Follow Focus Rig for DSLR’s | Planet5D
Planet5D has a post, and video, about an interesting follow-focus called the ArchRig, which is currently on sale for $249, down from $470. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that it includes a rig for mounting the camera. I'm not so sure about the follow-focus action itself; if you have a follow-foucs operator, a more traditional unit is probably better (and the D|Focus is cheaper, though doesn't include the camera grip/mount)
Amazon: Arch Rig Follow Focus System for Dslr

J20ax8B4 compared to J13x9B4 on the AF101 | Peter Lundström | the editman
Peter has been experimenting with ENG 2/3" lenses - bought cheaply - on the Panasonic AG-AF100, with some interesting results.

RED HISTORY | Jannard | REDUser
An abbreviated history of RED:
January-December- Jim, Ted & Frederic research the possibility of building a camera.
September- 1st communication between Jim and Jarred about the project.
October- Jim & Matt work on preliminary designs.
December- Decision was made to build a camera.

EPIC Picture Style for Canon Cameras Coming Soon | Vision Wrangler | Cinescopophilia
A report on a Picture Style for Canon cameras that claims to make the best use of the 8 bit codec, and was developed to replicate the Kodak Ektachrome colorimetry. One interesting claim: Doesn’t need color grading

The Art Of Good Lighting | Nic Lawson | movieScope
An interesting article that isn't about how to get good lighting, but whether we can really determine what good lighting is:
That question is, Is there a set of criteria by which the work of a cinematographer can be judged to be good? In other words, is there such a thing as ‘good lighting’? It’s part of a bigger question and it comes, not surprisingly, at a time when grades industry-wide are being carefully scrutinised and defined in tightly-formulated documents.

Pico Dolly: A Diminutive Dolly System For Smaller Cameras | Devin Coldewey
| TechCrunch
The Pico Dolly is a cute little skateboard-like dolly which will reportedly be available next week, and you can pre-order for $65.
Or you could make something almost as good yourself for about $30: NotesOnVideo: DIY Slider Dolly
Photograph&Cinema: Pico Flex Dolly

How 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' sold me on 3D | Patrick Miller | Macworld
Say it ain't so! Patrick thinks there's still a hope for 3D yet, based on seeing "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie" - now there's a mind warp for you! Of course, damning with faint praise "Don’t get me wrong. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie isn’t a cinematic masterpiece by any stretch" makes you think that maybe 3D has sunk so low, it's only up from here. I'm am also a little disturbed by his comments that "the theater screen on which I watched Glee: The 3D Concert Movie looked about as deep as a walk-in closet."

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