Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Big Ole Lens Test Party BTS Video & Results

A couple of weekends ago I attended "The Big Ole Lens Test Party" and wrote about it here: The Big Ole' Lens Test Party, 2011.

I also made a Behind-The-Scenes video, which you can now watch below.

Ben Eckstein has written up a full post with his conclusions about the test, as well as actual video taken with each of the lenses. You can find the article at Ben's site, and also see a really great alternative BTS video made by Rick Macomber in the article as well. Ben Eckstein: The Big Ole Lens Test Party

Note that the lenses used were:
As you can see in the BTS video, the differences seemed small at the time, though Ben writes in his post:
As we were shooting I kept looking at the monitor and thinking that I was hardly seeing any difference at all. In editing, the differences became more clear, but I found it hard to even be able to SAY what made one lens better than the others.

Go see the actual video and conclusions here: Ben Eckstein: The Big Ole Lens Test Party

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