Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Test: 16mm f2.8 SEL1628 e-mount and wide angle Sony VCL-ECU1 on FS100
| Jean-Philippe Archibald |
Jean-Phillipe recently bought an NEX-FS100, then he sold his Canon 7D and bought an NEX-3 with the 16mm pancake lens to go with it (since the cameras share the same E-mount.) He posts a review of the 16mm lens, along with the add-on wide-angle adapter. His results are similar to other's experience with this lens:
  • Sharpeness is good except in the corner
  • Corners are soft wide open, improves when stopping down. at f5.6 they are pretty good.

Behind the Glass: An Introduction to Lenses | Daniel Hayek et. al. | Vimeo
The Vimeo Video School is back with an introduction to lenses starring Vincent Laforet. It explains aperture, lens types, focal lengths and much more.

The Red Epic and why being tiny is cool | Epic in Action
The latest post at a new blog that is devoted to the RED Epic:
The modularity of the Epic allows the camera to be stripped down to almost nothing. For my HDRx test at S&O Media last week I took off almost every accessory apart from the camera’s side handle. This allowed the camera to be used as an in-car minicam; amazing for a camera you can legitimately shoot a feature film on! All it took was a simple suction pad and magic arm and the camera was secure enough to shoot a little test on.

Quick-Start: DSLR Editing Workflow For Final Cut Users/Switchers (Updated for CS5.5!) | Adobe TV
In this tutorial, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe, Jason Levine goes 'from the camera to the timeline', showcasing a complete Ingest-Edit-Export workflow when working with DSLR video media, or really any tapeless, file-based format in Premiere Pro CS5.5.
It's "short and sweet" because he talks really fast!

Renaissance Woman: Anna J Foerster | HD Magazine
Interview/profile of cinematographer Anna Foerster, who was cinematographer for the forthcoming film Anonymous. The movie was shot using the ARRI Alexa:
“The Alexa really is a beautiful camera and it worked well for us,” she notes, shooting at 800 ISO and occasionally pushing to 1280 ISO. “This a dark movie, a dark story so we didn’t want bright, colourful, sun-flooded footage that you often see depicting the era. Daylight, candles and fire were our main light sources. We sometimes used candles right next to the camera to augment lighting in a scene. I never used diffusion filters because the candles and the bright windows would show a slight halo in the image and give the filter away.”

Motorized Lazy Susan – Heavy Duty | CheesyCam
A do-it-yourself project for creating a small, smooth, Lazy Susan that can spin a person.

3D movie grosses double in 2010 | Hollywood In High Def
Since I mention all the negative 3D stuff, I have to be fair and point out some positive things too, right? Seems that 3D movie grosses doubled in 2010. Seems rather odd to be looking at results for last year when we're over half way through this year!

Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) | Ro Tierney | Vimeo
Why is everyone so surprised in this video? I grew up in Wellington, New Zealand, and never saw snow...

Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) from Ro Tierney on Vimeo.

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